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[nettime-lat] FW: [@] gambling, online journals, Mexico (@)

From: Marsha Woodbury <MARSHA-W@UIUC.EDU>
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 11:13:45 -0600
Subject: [@] gambling, online journals, Mexico (@)

California Gov. Gray Davis and Mexican President Vicente Fox this
week will officially inaugurate a new broadband network between
research universities in the United States and Mexico. The new
network will open Mexican universities to Internet2, the network
of 180 U.S. universities that provides downloading and streaming
at high speed and quality without any interference from the
commercial Web. Officials on both sides of the border say the
new network will allow for a wide range of collaborative research
projects and information sharing among more than 200 universities,
including the 30 institutions that are part of CUDI, Mexico's
research and education network. Several organizations are now
asking for proposals for collaborative projects to be hosted on
the combined networks. However, one critic of the program, Gary
Chapman of the University of Texas, is worried that Mexican
institutions may not be able to participate as fully as those in
the United States. He points out that, whereas many U.S.
institutions have very powerful computers at their disposal,
many Mexican institutions have nothing more powerful than
high-end PCs. (Wired News, 21 March 2001)

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