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Re: <nettime> Tilman-RFC #1: net art history 1993 - 1996

Exhibition and Conference on the Interactive and Networked City
4.11. - 12.11.1995

In the "Art" section of the exhibition the following works were 

Electronic Gallery, Kunstlabor, Vienna
Views, Ulrike Gabriel
The Egg of the Internet, netband (Feigl, Hobijn, Solomon, Verdult)
Stone Age Computer, Mathilde MuPe
Urban Exercises, LOT, Sabine Bitter, Helmut Weber
Telepolis in VRML, Nicolas Anatol Baginsky
Labyrinth, Stanislav Miler
Musers Service, Daniela Plewe
Sound Image Crossing, Keigo Yamamoto
Various VRML-projects by EZTH Zurich, Florian Wenz

Additionally to the art section, there was a general purpose cybercafe
which was installed by Media Lab Munich, where, among others, digital
city, Internationale Stadt and other collaborative art projects or
"context systems" were shown. 

Unfortunately this URL is not active any more:

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