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Re: <nettime> Re: olia lialina: Re:art.hacktivism

> Cramer:

> So I would like to correct my statement as
> follows:  Although a lot of Net Art can't be seen without Netscape or IE
> (Olia's own works, www.jodi.org, Alexej Shulgin's "form art" and even Vuk
> Cosic's "ASCII history of moving images" which despite its name doesn't
> display in lynx), this is not the point of my critique. The point is that
> much if not most of what's called Net Art - as, for example, the works
> currently on display at ZKM's "net.condition" - can just as well be
> experienced _without the net_.

this statement is simply amasing, especially because ZKM is the best
example of the opposite. and i hope a bitter lesson for over curators. 

btw, ZKM intended to make this show offline, but because of two reasons
they could not manage it:  
- some artists refuse to move their projects to zkm mashines 
- a lot of projects are based on cgi scripts. 

 this is just an information, in the end they have an internet connection

But anyway Weibel ( with support of Weil and dramatic input of Show -
http://www.cinefantom.org/show.jpg ) managed to take the works of artist
from the context and their natural environment. 

The princip is One computer - One work.  Browser inwindow equels screen
size, no navigation bar, no location field.  So u are obliged to see thit
particular work only at this particular mashine -even visually complete
illusion that cd projects are presented.  The result is you cant type
another address, you cant check your email, cant go to http://www.bahn.de
to look for the next train, cant chat.  nothing else but the work of
artist whos name is written on the mous pad.  How you can expirience this
way?  nothing to expirience

There is complete incompetence behind strong media art curators' desire to
solve a problem of presenting net art in the gallery space this way.  and
the punishment is very flat show, exhibition which is less spectacular
than its small green booklet, booklet u can bring home or to the office
and to type the urls in your browser and to enjoy the works or at least to
see them. 

Net_Condition itself does not give this chance at all. 

 Because curator does not know that net is not equel to the internet
connection as well as net projects are not equel to their browser inwindow
visualisation.  and that what we are doing can not " just as well be
experienced _without the net_" ,

> > > When I fetched the contents of www.0100101110101101.org and the >
net.condition web site onto my own harddrive, I realized to my own >
surprise that the bulk of what is commonly referred to as Net Art does not
> actually use and technically rely upon the Internet, but turns out to be
a > bunch of files which can be viewed offline without loosing anything >
(besides the domain name in the URL display). 

but this is already a big lost


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