nettime's_rotating_moderators on Tue, 9 Nov 1999 21:04:47 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> moderation rotation

                                     같같같     [3]
                                   같      같     \
                                 같 -[2]-    같
              |                  같          같
             [?]                   같      같
              |                      같같같        /

                          [?]                                        캸 
                            \                                       캸  

               /* please press arrow keys to rotate moderators */

                [1] Scot McPhee <>

                [2] Sebastian Luetgert <>

                [3] Geert Lovink <>

                [4] Ted Byfield <>

                [5] Felix Stalder <>

                [?] moderators temporarily out of orbit

                [X] your messages


                "Hi, I'm Scot Mcphee, one of your new nettime
                moderators. I'm the sysadm of Autonomous
                Organisation (, based in Sydney
                Australia. During the day I work as a computer
                professional type for the international
                capitalist futures industry. Oh yes, it gets
                worse. I have military training."


                "Hi, I'm Sebastian Luetgert, another one of
                your new nettime moderators. I'm running ROLUX
                ( and the <rolux> mailing
                list, both based in Berlin, Germany. I have some
                gifs of Debord, Deleuze, Foucault and Godard
                stored on my local hard disk drive and recently
                installed a copy of SimCity 3000."


                "Hi, I'm Geert Lovink, an Amsterdam born and
                based media theorist and activist, member of
                Adilkno, co-founder of the nettime mailinglist,
                moderator of the dutch nettime-nl list and
                co-organizer of the Next Five Minutes
                conferences on tactical media. Lately I am
                involved in further developing the format of the
                so-called temporary media labs."


                "Hi, I'm t byfield. I spend my time hammering
                away on writing, both my own and others'. My
                legal place of residence is in New York City,
                but I'm rarely seen there (or anywhere else)."


                "Hi, I'm Felix Stalder. I'm a third generation
                nettime moderator. I'm usually in Toronto
                wrestling with objects. My hard disk contains
                two folders called 'misc'. I like ordering
                systems though I'm not very good at them."

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