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Re: <nettime> Linux wins Prix Ars due to MICROSOFT INTERVENTION

> By confusing metalanguage and language, by making transfer from
> aesthetism(philosophy) to enginering, we are getting off the original
> sense of every art concept.

To paraphrase a famous artist arguing for the inclusion of 'R.Mutt';

'America's greatest contributions to art is her plumbing.'

Tell me the Brooklyn bridge ain't art. To rely on the opinion of an
Authorised Expert, Robert Hughes seems to think so (see his book, American

All of these things are Engineering. They are also aesthetic objects. you
can admire them for the beauty of their engineering, or just their Beauty.
What's the difference? 3000 years ago, "art" itself didn't exist, outside
specific institutions such as religion. Funny how now we see all those
egyptian heiroglyphs, golden death masks, statuettes and so forth, all of
these things are "art"  -- but they remain to those who created them,
nonetheless, MACHINES, machines for an everlasting life in the land of the
dead, but machines the same.


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