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<nettime> Fw: warning: Bilderberg material is fascist hoax!

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From: Mitchel Cohen <mitchelcohen@mindspring.com>
To: Multiple recipients of list <j18discussion@gn.apc.org>
Date: 28 May 1999 08:11
Subject: Re: warning: Bilderberg material is fascist hoax!

>Thank you, thank you Lisa Taylor.
>The LaRouchies have long recruited in this very same way, via Bilderberg
>scare tactics, anti-semitism, etc. (Their documents cite the Queen of
>England as the leading dope pusher in the world, and then you get drawn 
>into the question of whether she's "the leading one" or only a secondary
>Either way, you get sucked in.
>The Queen of England, for LaRouchies, by the way, is code-word for "Jews".
>The LaRouchies are trying to establish a presence again here in New York
>City at anti-war marches (the Schiller Institute is theirs, as is The New
>Federalist newspaper) and anti-racism demos, where they sit at a table in 
the back and try to trick people into debating with them. They have not been 
>very successful. Don't be duped.
>They work by creating a sense of crisis and browbeating those who listen to
>For instance, at SUNY Stony Brook a number of years back, their argument
>was that the world was going to end on June 6, 1984, I believe, because 
>of events that they forecast in the Middle East, and that YOU had to get 
>involved in order to stop the end of the world (really!). "What's the 
>matter with you, you don't care about the world," etc. They absorb a 
>number of confused or weak-ego'ed people that way. Then comes June 6, 
>the world is still there, and you confront them. "Well, what happened to 
>your prediction?" "See," they responded, "because YOU got involved, we 
>became so powerful that we were able to stop the world from ending!"
>If you believe any of their words, I've a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.
>This particular Bilderberg document may not be LaRouchie in origin, it may
>be more run-of-the-mill nazi propaganda as opposed to the more
>sophisticated LaRouchian Nazi propaganda. Either way, it's anti-semitic 
>and racist (we'll leave out homophobic, too, for the moment). Thank you 
>so much for your clarifying remarks.
>At 01:07 PM 5/27/99 +0100, you wrote:
>>Dear friends,
>>I am writing to you urgently to warn you about material being circulated on
>>this list (however innocently) about a 'Bilderberg Conference' . The
>>material appears to be an attack on global power elite, but is in fact
>>material whose source is nazis and far right politicians with very close
>>links to big business.
>>The purpose of the material appears to be to make people imagine there is a
>>sinister Jewish conspiracy that is trying to dominate the world, a false
>idea but a dangerous one which contributed very much to Adolf Hitler's 
>>genocide of the Jewish people.
>> I am NOT implying in any way that the people on J18 list who sent the
>>material to the list are antisemitic or fascist themselves. It is more
>>than possible that they have become victims of this nazi hoax. I am only
>>warning them and the list in general about the original source of much 
>>of this material:
>>A member of this list, Javier, (email f.diaz@ucl.ac.uk) posted on 26 May
>>a message (title - Fw: <.nettime> Bilderberger (fwd)) warning us about an
>>apparent meeting of some of the most powerful people in the world, due to
>>take place on June in Portugal, called the Bilderberg Conference. His post
>>consisted of a long forwarded document and his comment that perhaps we
>>have chosen the wrong occasion to protest, and that we should in fact be
>>protesting this Conference, rather than the G8 summit.
>>Early in the forwarded document the Washington-based journal Spotlight is
>>quoted as a source of information on the Bilderberg Conference. Spotlight
>>is published by the fascist Liberty Lobby, who for years had as key figure
>>Willis Carto. You may find much information on them by contacting any
>>major anti-fascist organisation.
>>Later the forwarded document presents a 'BILDERBERG '99: Partial Guest List'
>>While the list includes many individuals who are certainly part of the
>>world's top power elite such as Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Tony Blair, etc,
>it also includes a fantastic proportion of Israelis and Jews. It is clear
>>that the 'Guest List' cannot be an official document from the organisers of
>>such a Conference - (there are many spelling and other errors, billiionaire
>>Warren Buffet has his personal name and his company name listed the wrong 
>>way round, one company entry has the comment 'of blessed memory' written 
>>next to it and King Hussein of Jordan appears as an invited guest with the 
>>comment in brackets that he is dead(!) However, even if we were to believe 
>>that this is an accurate 'partial guest list' of a conference for world 
>>domination drawn up by a good anti-capitalist, who happened to have inside 
>>information, then we need to ask several questions.
>>Is it likely that enormously powerful members of the ruling elite like
>Warren Buffet and Bill Clinton would sit round a table with popular left- 
>>of-centre Israeli authors like AB Yehoshua and Amos Oz to discuss how to 
>>rule the world?
>>Why is there a long list of academics from Israeli universities on this
>>list, and virtually no academics from any other countries?
>>Why are so many of the 'guests' representatives  from top multinationals
>>who are Jewish or who have Jewish-sounding names, rather than the non-Jewish
>>heads of these businesses?
>>Andreas Rockstein of the J18 list answered my call for more info by
>>directing me to the website www.bilderberg.org. When you go there you 
>>will see it is part of a large site run by Tony Gosling, who is apparently 
>>a former British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) man now into alternative 
>>Christianity. He has much material re the 'Bilderberg Conference' on his 
>>site. At a quick glance I noticed  he states himself that many of the 
>>sources of his list of info links on 'Bilderberg' are nazi sources, but 
>>warns us not to dismiss their authenticity of their information for that 
>>reason. He refers to questions being raised in the British Parliament 
>>demanding the truth re this Conference. In fact the MP who raised the 
>>question, according to his own quoted material, is Nicholas Winterton, a 
>>far-right Tory MP, well-known for his extremely racist attitude to Black 
>>Other material there is from Norris McWhirter, a far-right political figure
>>with very extensive links to big business. There is also a link to
>>'information' on this Conference by Gennady Zyuganov, head of the Russian
>>Communist Party (CPRF), well-known for his openly antisemitic stand, who
>>publicly blamed Jews for Russia's economic crisis last Christmas..
>>Gosling's site also includes a poem by the English fascist Chesterton. I am
>>not accusing Gosling of being a fascist himself. He has also put a famous
>>anti-fascist poem (by Pastor Niemoller) on his site. I think he is an
>>extremely confused man who has been taken in by antisemitic fascist
>>I beg all J18 activists to be extremely wary of any information now being
>>put over the Internet re this 'Bilderberg Conference' . Demand to know the
>>original sources of all the information. It would be nice if the two
>>subscribers who offered this material to the list could do a very thorough
>>research of all the documents or websites they have referred us to and then
>>tell us what they discover. I will post more information on this as soon
>>as I have time.
>>Against fascism and against capitalism,
>>Lisa Taylor
>>International Solidarity with Workers in Russia - ISWoR (personal capacity)
>Join the Greens / Green Party USA, Change the World, Save the Earth.
>Call (978) 682-4353 or E-mail: gpusa@igc.org

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