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<nettime> Computers, village-knowledge centre....

Computers for 18 rural schools

Times of India - May 23, 1999 - by a Staff Reporter
BANGALORE: The idea was born almost two years ago, when the Rotaract Club 
of Marburg Germany and the Rotaract Club of Bangalore Cantonment, south put 
their heads together. The idea was to be able to provide computers to 18 
rural schools in and around Bangalore.

Information Empowerment and Freedom From Hunger - Developing World

OneWorld News Agency - May 23, 1999
The Village Knowledge Centre enables farming families to produce more 
without associated ecological harm and create a hunger free area.  The 
Knowledge Centre is designed to promote the monitoring of the impact of 
information empowerment on the health, food, drinking water and livelihood 
security of rural families. 

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