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Re: <nettime>Ashford-Warnung / contact your politicians

> Die Bombardierungen erzeugen neue Furcht vor dem Atomkrieg
> von Mary-Wynne Ashford ("Times-Colonist", 13. Mai 1999, Seite A15)

here's a list of about 470 german politicians' email addresses.
(probably incomplete & some may be wrong)
get it at http://king.dom.de/politicians/german-politicians.txt
or write to majordomo@king.dom.de, 
	who german-politicians
in the msg body.
use it as a target for your anxiety. write them.
it's a closed list, postings need to be approved. if you want to
use this feature on my server, or extend this list or if you have any 
better idea what to do against this war while sitting half a day in 
front of a screen, let /me know.
/me: core media exp http://king.dom.de/ 

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