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<nettime> Bilderberger (fwd)

Bilderberg Meeting - media blackout continues

With only two weeks to go before some of the world's most famous and
influential men and women arrive in Portugal for the Bilderberg conference
at Penha Longa in Sintra, little or nothing is known about their secret
"world" agenda. More...

According to James P. Tucker Jr. writing in Washington's The Spotlight:
"The US led Nato attack on a sovereign nation is part of a much bigger
Bilderberg plan than stopping Serbians from butchering ethnic Albanians
according to a high U.S State Department source.

'It is important to the Bilderberg scheme for world government to get Nato
out from the limitations of its own charter' said the source, a reliable
observer for more than a decade."

It would not seem unlikely that the current situation in Kosovo will be
high on this year's Bilderberg agenda.

Just how strong the security around the meeting is likely to be, can be
judged from an article published in the UK Press Gazette regarding a
freelance journalist Campbell Thomas who attempted to cover the 1998
conference in Turnberry Scotland for the Daily Mail.

Thomas decided to gain neighbours' opinions and reactions on the secret
meeting being held nearby.

Thomas went on to interview a young woman who told him that he was in the
hotel's staff quarters and that he should leave immediately, he duly

A short while later, two local police officers arrested Thomas. Thomas was
kept in custody for eight hours. "I was treated in an appallingly
heavy-handed way, like a common criminal, the holding cell I was put in
was in a disgusting state, with excrement on every wall, and I was in that
cell for the best part of five hours."

Thomas was charged with a breach of peace for putting the young woman he
spoke to in a "state of fear and alarm", Thomas added "they took my shoes,
my belt, my glasses, even the wedding ring off my finger. The whole thing
was ridiculous".

Interestingly, Prime Minister António Guterres, listed his attendance at
the 1994 Bilderberg conference on his personal CV at the government
internet site, which can be accessed at
http://www.primeiro-ministro.gov.pt/p-curriculo.html, Guterres was made
Prime Minister the following year, and his name has not appeared on the
"guest lists" since that date.

Margarida Marante, an extremely successful television journalist with the
Portuguese television channel SIC, is alleged to have been invited to
attend this year's Bilderberg group meeting in Sintra. The television
presenter declined to make any comments to The News through her press

The News was, after three days of making phone calls and waiting, given
the following response: "Dr. Margarida Marante prefers not to respond (to
The News' allegations that she will be attending the Bilderberg meeting),
and with all due respect to our publication, she is very busy".

The secretary, apparently oblivious to the Bilderberg meeting, asked how
Bilderberg was spelt, though she admitted that her employer did not appear
surprised when told about the meeting and the interest of our newspaper,
adding that no further comment was forthcoming from Margarida Marante.




U.S. President Bill Clinton and the aging Pope John Paul II are found on a
"Partial Guest List" of individuals expected to attend the 1999 Bilderberg
meeting that will be taking place in Portugal June 3rd - June 6th. The
meeting is expected to include a globilization summit wherein nations that
cling to their sovereign identities will be denounced by its leadership.

BILDERBERG '99: Partial Guest List

Ackerman, Duane - CEO Bell South
Ahern, Bertie - Prime Minister of Ireland
Alberthal, Les - CEO of Electronic Data Systems (EDS)
Albright, Madeleine - US Secretary of State
Al Saud, Waleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz - Saudi Prince
Amichai, Yehuda - Israeli poet
Annan, Kofi - UN Secretary General
Arafat, Yasser - Chairman Palestinian Authority
Armstrong, Michael - CEO of AT&T Corrporation
Arison, Ted - Israeli Financier
Assad, Hafez - President of Syria
Aznar, Jose Maria - President of Spain
Belluzzo, Richard - CEO - Silicon Graphics-SGI
Berkshire Hathaway - Warren Buffet
Bolkiah, Hassanal - The Sultan of Brunei
Byers, Brook - Partner KPCB
Beyster, J. R. - Founder and CEO of SAIC
Bialkin, Ken - Skadden Arps
bin-Mohamad, Mahathir - PM of Malaysia
Blair, Tony - Prime Minister of UK
Bondevik, Kjell Magne - Prime Minister of Norway
Bonsignore, Michael - CEO Honeywell
Braverman, Avishai - President of Ben-Gurion University
Bronfman, Charles - Canadian businessman
Buffet, Warren, CEO Berkshire Hathaway
Cardoso, Fernando Henrique - President of Brazil
Case, Daniel - Chairman & CEO of H& Q
Case, Stephen - CEO of America On-Line-AOL
Caufield, Frank - AOL Board & Partner KPCB
Cayne, James - CEO of Bear Stearn
Chalsty, John - CEO of DLJ
Chambers, John - CEO of Cisco Systems
Chirac, Jacques - President of Franc
Chrétien, Jean - Prime Minister of Canada
Clinton, Bill - President of the United States
Cohen, Abby - Market Strategist, Goldman Sachs
Corzine, Jon - CEO of Goldman Sachs
Coulter, David - Former CEO of Bank of America
Cresson Edith - EC Commissioner
Daschle, Thomas - Senator, Minority Leader, US Senate
DeGier, Hans - CEO of Warburg Dillon Read
Dehaene, Jean-Luc - Prime Minister of Belgium
Dell, Michael - Dell Computers
Denham, Bob - Salomon Smith Barney
Dinstein, Yoram - President of Tel Aviv University-TAU
Disney, Roy - Vice Chairman & Nephew - Walt Disney
Ebtekar, Massoomeh - Vice President of Iran
Eisenberg, Erwin - Heir to Eisenberg Group
Ellison, Larry - CEO of Oracle
Engibous, Tom - Texas Instruments-TI
Esrey, Bill - CEO of Sprint
Estrada, Joseph - President of the Phillipines
Fahd, King - Leader of Saudi Arabia
Fan, Rita - Chairwoman Provincial Legislature China
Fisher, Max - Chairman, Republican National Jewish Coalition-NJC
Fisher, Richard - CEO of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter
Fortune 1000 - Group Focus Letter
Frankel, Jacob - Bank of Israel
Friedlander, Yehuda - Rector of Bar Ilan University
Fuld, Fichard - CEO of Lehman Brothers
Gates, Bill - CEO of Microsoft
Gerstner, Lou - CEO of IBM
Glavin, Christopher - Motorola - Strategy Focus
Goh Chok Tong - Prime Minister of Singapore
Goldberg, Ed - Merrill Lynch - Strategy Focus
Grafton, Bob - CEO of Arthur Andersen Worldwide
Grasso, Richard - CEO, New York Stock Exchange-NYSE
Greer, Phil - Weiss Peck & Greer
Grove, Andy - Former CEO of Intel
Gujral, I.K. - Former Prime Minister of India
Habibie, B. J. - Indonesia's Prime Minister
Hammerman, Stephen - Vice Chairman Merrill Lynch
Harari, Chaim - President of Weizmann Institute
Hariri, Rafik - Prime Minister of Lebanon
Hashimoto, Ryutaro - Former Prime Minister of Japan
Hastert, Dennis - GOP - Speaker of the US House of Representatives
Hayuth, Yehuda - President of Haifa University
Honeycutt, Van - CEO Computer Sciences Corporation-CSC
Horovitz, Avraham - GM - UMI Israel Chief Scientist
Howard, John - Prime Minister of Australia
Hussein, King - of Jordan and The Crown Prince Hassan (HK: Deceased)
Ichan, Carl - Wall Street Financier
Jackson, Judge Thomas Penfield - US District Court - Washington D. C.
Jiang Zemin - President of China
Jobs, Steven - Apple Computers
Jospin, Lionel - Prime Minister of France
Kangas, Edward - CEO Deloitte, Touche, Tohmatsu - International-DTTI
Kaveh, Moshe - President of Bar Ilan University
Khatami, Mohammed - President of Iran
Kim, Dea.jung - President of South Korea
Kim Young-sam - Former President of South Korea
Kissinger, Kissinger - former US Secretary of State
Kok, Wim - Prime Minister of the Netherlands
Koller, Arnold - President of Switzerland
Komansky, David - CEO of Merrill Lynch
Kohl, Helmut - Former Chancellor of Germany
Lane, Neal - Former Director of the NSF
Laskawy, Phil - CEO of Ernst & Young-EY
Lavie, Arie - Former Chief Scientist - Israel
Lee Kuan-Yew - President of Singapore
Lee Teng-hui - President of Taiwan
Leon, Moshe - Director General, PM's Office Israel
Lerner, Alex - Israeli Scientist
Levin, Gerald - CEO Time Warner, Inc.
Li Peng - Prime Minister of China
Livingston, Robert - GOP Nominee as - US Speaker of the House
Lott, Senator Trent - GOP Senate Majority Leader - US Senate
Magidor, Menachem - President of Hebrew University
Mahathir Mohamad - Malaysian Prime Minister
Mandella, Nelson - President of South Africa
Marron, Donald - CEO of Paine Webber Group - Enterprise Strategy
McGinn Richard - CEO of Lucent- Enterprise Strategy
McNealy, Scott - CEO of Sun Microsystems
Middelhoff, Thomas - CEO Bertelsmann & AOL Director
Mitchell, George - Former GOP Senate Majority Leader
Moore, Nicholas - Chairman of PriceWaterhouse Coopers-PWC L.L.P.
Mubarak, Hosni - President of Egypt
Murdoch, Rupert - Austrialian Media Owner
Narayanan, K.R. - Former President of India
Ne'eman, Yaacov - Former Israeli Finance Minister
Ne'eman, Yuval- Israeli Physicist
Obuchi, Keizo - Prime Minister of Japan
Oz, Amos - Israeli writer
Palmer, Robert - CEO of Digital Equipment Corporation-DEC
Paulson, Henry - Co-Chairman Goldman Sachs
Persson, Goran - Prime Minister of Sweden
Pfeiffer, Eckhard - CEO of Compaq
Phelan, John - Former CEO NYSE & Director of ML and the BCG
Phypers, Dean - Former CFO of IBM
Platt, Lewis - CEO Hewlitt Packard-HP
Pope John Paul II - Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church-RCC
Pottruck, David - Charles A. Schwab & Company
Primakov, Yevgeny - Russian Prime Minister
Prodi, Romano - Former Prime Minister of Italy
Purcell, Philip - CEO of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter
Ramos, Fidel - Former President of Philippines
Raymond, Lee - CEO Exxon
Redstone, Sumner - CEO of Viacom - HBO
Reichman, Uriel - President of the Inter Disciplinary Center- IDC Israel
Reichmann, Paul - Canadian Businessman
Rodin, Judith - President of the University of Pennsylvania
Roosa, Robert - Former Chairman Brown Brothers Harriman (of blessed
Samuelson, Paul - MIT Economics Nobel Laureate
Santer, Jacques - President of the European Commission-EC
Schiro, James - CEO PriceWaterhouse Coopers-PWC
Schroeder, Gerhard - German Chancellor
Schwab, Charles - Charles A. Schwab & Company
Sharman, Colin - Chairman KPMG
Shipley, Walter - CEO of Chase Manhattan Bank
Spielberg, Stephen - Hollywood Film Producer
Slahor, Paul - Founding Investor in IPC
Slavin, Shmuel - Director General of Israel's Finance Ministry
Smith, Jack - CEO of General Motors-GM
Soros, George - President of the Soros Fund
Spector, Norman - Publisher Jerusalem Post
Tadmor, Zeev - President of Technion
Trotman, Alexander - CEO of Ford Motor Company
Tung Chee-hwa - Hong Kong Chief Executive
Turner, Ted - CEO Turner Broadcasting Systems-TBS - CNN
Vajpayee, Atal Behari - Prime Minister of India
Wang Changyi - China's Ambassador to Israel
Wang, Charles - CEO of Computer Associates International-CAI
Weill, Sandy - CEO Travelers-Citigroup
Weinbach, Arthur - CEO of Automatic Data Procesing-ADP
Weinbach, Lawrence - CEO of Unisys
Yair, Yoram - Former Israel Defense Forces
Yehoshua, A.B. - Israeli writer
Yeltsin, Boris - President of Russia
Zedillo, Ernesto - President of Mexico
Zeroual, Liamine - President of Algeria


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