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<nettime> Web pages linked to NATO action in Yugoslavia

Thanks to George Lessard.... -FN
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From:   (Judyth
Subject:        	(act-mtl-d) Fwd: URLS for Comments on NATO action
Date sent:      	10 May 1999 19:19:00 GMT
Organization:   	Babylon, Montreal, Canada

This file contains the HTML page of links to comments on
NATO actions in Yugoslavia, forwarded by Lorraine Lapp.]

>for a list of international and canadian opponents of the war

A.M. Rosental
Academy for Peace
Alan Bock  URL
Alan Keyes  URL
Alex Salmond
Alex Vardamis 
/chronicle/archive/1999/05/03/ED31974.DTL&type printable
Alexander Cockburn
Alexander Solzhenitsyn
American Friends Service Committee
American Legion
Amnesty International
Amulya Ganguli
Andre Gunther Frank
Andrew Lewis
Anglican Church of Canada  URL 
Anne Williamson  URL
Arianna Huffington
Art Bell
Back to Home Page
Belgrade Center for Human Rights
Benjamin Schwartz
Benjamin Schwarz
Bill Bathman
Bob Djurdjevic
Boston Globe  URL
Branislav Andjelic
Brian Mitchell
C. Raja Mohan
Cal Thomas
Camile Paglia
Canadian Auto Workers
Carl Limbacher 1999/4/23/71801
Carol Moore
Cato Institute
Cecil Foster
Charles Colson
Charles Hunter  URL
Charles Smith  URL
Charley Reese
Chattanooga Times & Free Press  URL
Chicago Tribune,1051,SAV-
Chris Matthews 
Christoper Layne
Christoper Ruddy 1999/4/8/73748
Chronicles Magazine
Citizen Soldier
Citizens for Honest Goverment
Cliff Kincaid  URL
Committee to Protect Journalists  URL
Conservative Caucus
Contact Us
Crown Prince Alexander  URL
Dan Quayle  URL 22
Daniel Schorr,1096,36217-58334-
David Frum 990330/2426371
David MacReynolds
David Orchard
Debra Saunders 
Debra Saunders 
Deke Welch
Democratic Party of Serbia
asp/saopstenje.asp?citanje 327
Diana Johnstone
Don Feder
Doug Bandow
Doug Thompson  URL
Eagle Forum
Econological Villager's Alliance  URL
Edward Herman
Edward Said
Eric Garris
Eugene Narrett  URL
Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting
Family Research Council
Federalist Digest
Fellowship of Reconciliation
Florida Times-Union
Gary Dempsey
Gary Wilson
Geoff Metcalf  URL
George Jonas
George Kendall
George Kenney
George Tintor
Gerald Atkinson  URL
Gerald Carroll  URL
Global Intellegence Update  URL
Glynn Custred  URL
Grandmothers for Peace International  URL
Green Party
Harley Sorensen  URL
Harold Pinter  URL
Harry Browne
Henry Lamb  URL
Hiranmay Karlekar
Howard Phillips
Howard Zinn
Ibrahim Rugova
Independent Institute
Independent of Sunday  URL
Institute for Public Accuracy  URL
International Federation of Journalists
Investors Business Daily  URL
J.R. Nyquist 1999/4/8/73748
Jack Germond 
archive&storyid 1150070212441
Jack Kemp
Jacob Sullum
James Carroll  URL
James Henry
James Hill
James Hirsen  URL
James Pinkerton 
news-opinion&storyid 1150070212922
James Ridgeway
James Witcover 
archive&storyid 1150070212441
Jamie York
Jan Myrdal
Jan Oberg
Jason Vest
Jeremy Hardy  URL,3029,44862,00.html
Jerome Tuccille
Jerome Zeifman  URL
Jerusalem Post  URL
Jim Chapman
Joe Ruth  URL
John Birch Society
John Casey  URL 000659276559150&rtmo 
Li7bhtid&atmo Li7bhtid&pg /99/4/29/ixdopin1.html
John Corry
John Doggett  URL
John Laughlin    http://www.the-
John McLaughlin
Jon Basil Utley
Jonathan Clarke
Joseph Farah  URL
Joseph Sobran
Jude Wanniski
Julia Reed
Justin Raimondo
K. Subrahmanyam
Kerry Fox
Kevin Phillips
Larry Keuning  URL
Lars Erik Nelson
24/News_and_Views/Opinion/a-23489.asp?last6days 1
League of the South
Lega Nord Piemont
Libertarian Party
Linda Bowles
Llewellyn Rockwell  URL
London Times    http://www.the-
Lorrie Goldstein
Ludwig von Mises Institute  URL 
Manchester Union Leader  URL
Maralyn Lois Polak  URL
Marcus Gee
Marin County (CA) Republican Party
Martin Kelley
Mary Mostert
Mennonite Central Committee
Michael Albert
Michael Allen
Michael Bliss  URL 
Michael Evans    http://www.the-
Michael Harris
Michael Moore
Mick Hume    http://www.the-
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel  URL 
Mona Charen
Nat Hentoff
National Catholic Social Justice Lobby  URL
Nick Cohen,3858,3857950,00.html
Noam Chomsky
Norman Soloman  URL
Oliver North
Orange County Register
Pat Buchanan
Pat Robertson
Paul Weyrich
Pauline Dubkin Yearwood  URL
Pax Christi USA
Peace Action
Peter Riddell    http://www.the-
Peter Worthington
Phil Brennan
Philip Terzian
Phyllis Schlafly
Pope John Paul  URL 
Project Ploughshares  URL
Raju Thomas
Ramsey Clark
Randall Major
Raymond Coffey
Rep. Barbara Lee
Rep. Bob Barr
Rep. Dennis Kucinich
Rep. James Leach
Rep. John Kasich
Rep. Mark Sanford
Rep. Ron Paul
Rep. Tom Campbell
Republican Liberty Caucus
Richard Brookheiser
Richard Gwyn
Richard Lessner
Richard Poe 1999/4/13/114554
Robert Manning
15/News_and_Views/Opinion/a-25778.asp?last6days 1
Robert Novak
Robert Paul Reyes
Robert Scheer  URL
Rowena Wall
Sam Schulman
Samuel Blumenfeld  URL
Sava Tatic
Scottish National Party
Sen. Bob Smith
Sen. James Inhofe
Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison
Sen. Max Cleland
Serbian Unity Congress  URL
Simon Jenkins    http://www.the-
Socialist Party, USA
Sonia Trikha
St. Petersburg Times  URL
Stephen Moore
Stephen Preston
Stephen Zunes
Steve Chapman,1122,SAV-
Steve Dunleavy
Steve Farrell
Steven Gan  URL
Student Union of Yugoslavia
Sunil Sharma
Ted Galen Carpenter
The American Spectator
The Daily Republican
The Exile
The Nation
The New American
The Pioneer
The Progressive
Thomas Fleming
Thomas Sowell
Times of India
Tom Hayden
Tom Walls
Tony Snow
United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers of America  URL
United Methodist Church
Uri Dan
Veterans for Gore
Veterans for Peace
Vin Suprynowicz
War Resisters League
William Kelly
William Norman Grigg
William Rees-Mogg    http://www.the-
William Westmilller
Wlady Pleszczynski
Women's Action for New Directions  URL
World Federation of Trade Unions
Zachary Karabell

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