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<nettime> Fwd: [ASeedRoots] Watch Out! Its an International Camp against the EU summit

>Date: Thu, 20 May 1999 14:32:53 +0100
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>Subject: Fwd: [ASeedRoots] Watch Out! Its an International Camp against
>  the EU summit
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>>Subject: [ASeedRoots] Watch Out! Its an International Camp against the EU
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>>Watch out!  It's an International Camp against the EU summit
>>28 May - 7 June Cologne
>>>From 3-4th June, Europe's politicians are meeting to discuss the
>>further development of Europe.  Topics that they will discuss
>>include an Early Warning System to alert European governments of
>>illegal migrations, more effective ways of working together in order
>>to strengthen Europol (the European police organisation which
>>focuses on international issues such as terrorism), co-ordinated
>>strategies against international criminal organisations, and the
>>establishment of guidelines for the media. So.  Good.  More
>>controls on those dangerous refugees and environmental activists. 
>>A stronger police state   this should help us all sleep sounder in
>>our beds!  Self-censorship for the media   another great idea!
>>Unfortunately lots of leftwingers, student layabouts, eco-warriors
>>and other anti-social persons are intent on disturbing the civil order
>>with their irresponsible protest against the plans of our
>>democratically elected representatives, who are, after all, only
>>working for the common good.  It is rumoured that some of these
>>international terrorists are also pacifists, who even disagree with
>>the war in Kosovo!!! These undesirables will have a camp in
>>Cologne from 28 May   7 June, where there will be an open forum
>>for discussion of EU- related issues and space for the planning of
>>actions.  People at the camp will be able to attend the
>>demonstrations and alternative/counter summits or organise their
>>own political actions in the city. 
>>The EU Camp
>>Vegetarian/vegan breakfast can be bought on site, other meals can
>>be aquired. The camp will consist of several parts, such as a early
>>sleepers and a late sleepers area and a women and lesbian area.
>>Bring: tent, cup and plate, sleeping tat.  Musical instruments,
>>juggling gear, tripods, tree climbing stuff, banners, tarps, art
>>materials, good humour.  Create the space that YOU would like to
>>live in! Do not bring:  valuables except what you will carry with you. 
>>For more information about the EU camp (also the G8 camp),
>>contact +49 221 940 2651 (afternoons) or e-mail
>>You can use German, English, French or Spanish! 
>>Events around the EU summit.
>>29 May huge demo about unemployment, job insecurity, racism
>>and the war.  With thousands of unemployed people, 100
>>Gandhians from India, and 7000 anarchists!
>>29 May   2 June  Alternative summit from the coalition against the
>>EU summit; 'B|ndnis Kvln', with several themes, eg alternative
>>economics and alternative employment policy, environment,
>>women, education.
>>3 June  demo against the EU summit.
>>3   6 June Counter summit from the coalition LiRa (Left-wing
>>Radicals) with the themes economics, anti-racism, anti-fascism,
>>EU imperialism, Ecology and new technology, patriarchy,
>>repression and basis democracy.
>>4 June women action day 
>>Stop press!  Early warning! Camp99 Those troublemaking folk will
>>be back for another camp against the G8 summit, 15   20 June! 
>>Five days of culture (if you can call it that, these people haven't had
>>a proper education!), action, and demonstrations bigger than you
>>ever thought possible.  Scandalous! Come there and meet 500
>>activists from India! 
>>Further information: All information about the CAMPS  
>> B|ndnis Kvln: Kvrnerstr 69, 50823 Cologne  
>>  +49 221 9520008
>>About the Activists from the South (mainly India):
>> LiRa  c/o AStA AntiFa, Unistr 16, Cologne  
>>+49 221 470 2992
>>Women against the summit  Infoladen, Ludolf-Camphausenstr 36,
>>Cologne (Frau Rucola) 
>>or do a web search for 'june18' or 'intercontinental caravan' and
>>follow the links! 
>>Important information: Police state: It is illegal to walk around in
>>Germany without valid ID (passport), and they will probably be
>>checking!  Also, do not bring illegal drugs, unless you would like to
>>be arrested for something non-political.  The place is likely to be
>>CRAWLING with police   this is going to be the biggest display of
>>resistance in years!
>>A SEED Europe
>>PO Box 92066
>>1090 AB Amsterdam
>>tel: 31-20-668-2236
>>fax: 31-20-468 2275
>>email: <>
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