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Dear Friend,

Thank you for your interest in the George W. Bush election campaign! 

>Please tell me candidate bushes positions on:
>1) Abortion

As you suggest with this question, it is indeed important to elect public
officials. Without elected officials, there is no democracy. Government serves
to express the will of the people, all agree. And the Presidential Exploratory
Committee believes that it should not only express the will of the people, but
carry it out. In a word, government should carry out the will of the people,
without regard for the power and interests of big business. This is of course
not easy to effect, it is a distant goal, but it is the pipe dream of the
Presidential Exploratory Committee. Perhaps one day big business will not
control the body politic, utterly? Perhaps? And then again, perhaps not.


As you so eloquently imply, corporations cannot be trusted to run this fine
land, nor any other. It is tempting to allow them to do so--government is such
a big thing! and so confusing!--but we on the Presidential Exploratory
Committee feel we must try to envision government by people rather than money.
Hats off to you for your clarity in seeing this accurately. We encourage you to
express your knowledge about this loudly and with relentless vigor.


Indeed, you are right: at, you will find many tools to
help you express your opinions and knowledge. Begin with our "Participate"
section--there you are sure to discover the means of moving the Presidential
Exploratory Committee onwards ever further upon the highways of progress and
the avenues of discernment into the broad boulevards of a passable tomorrow.

Best wishes to you and your fellow enthusiasts!

Roy and Liz

Presidential Exploratory Committee: Your efforts redeemed

You wrote:
>Please tell me candidate bushes positions on:
>1) Abortion

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