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<nettime> (fwd) 'YU net legends'

     [this is a rough translation at my request by Slobodan 
      of a message to his internodium list.    --cheers, tb]

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Date: Fri, 21 May 1999 01:02:13 +0200
From: Slobodan Markovic <twiddle@EUnet.yu>
Organization: www.internodium.org.yu
To: t byfield <tbyfield@panix.com>
Subject: Re: YU Net legende!

>> Ovo sam nasao na http://shutdown.beonet.yu... Odgovor na tipicno
>> glupo novinarsko pitanje: "How do you feel about it?". U ovom
>> slucaju, radi se o prekidanju satelitskog linka sa svetom...

    I found this on http:///shutdown.beonet.yu... Its the answer to a typical
    stupid journalist question: "How do you feel about it?" (well, how should
    we feel, damn it!). This time, its about the possibility of shutting down
    satellite links with Yugoslavia...

    "How do we feel? Well, to put it bluntly, we somehow got used to air-raid
    sirens, bombings and threats of invasion, but we don't know how we're
    going to survive without the Internet... We feel this is not in the best
    interest of Internet users worldwide. Internet is supposed to be open and
    not regulated by Governments, especially for their own narrow political
    agendas. We sincerely hope the international Internet community will
    raise its voice in support for "Bread, Water and Bandwidth for Everyone",
    including people in Yugoslavia."

    A new revolutionary quote: "Bread, Water and Bandwidth for Everyone!"
    (presumably by Aleksandar Krstanovic of BEOnet). Cool!  :-)

    BTW, here are some interesting articles about Internet situation in
    Yugoslavia on www.wired.com:

    US May Pull Belgrade Bandwidth
    Article about recent possibility of shutting down Yugoslav satellite
    feeds by US Government. Aleksandar Krstanovic is also quoted here, but
    without legendary: "Bread, Water, ..." :-))

    One Man's Belgrade Diary
    Article about a movie director in Belgrade, who is writing diaries and
    making movies about the present war situation. His legendary quote:
    "I tell NATO and Serbian leadership, 'Plague upon both your houses".
    I join his vow wholeheartedly!

    Yugoslav Net at the Brink
    Interview with Berislav Todorovic (.yu hostmaster) about Yugoslav
    Internet links. Rule #1 - Don't ever reveal sensitive data about Net
    infrastructure during the war: "All I can [say] and want [to] say is
    -- we shall see... As soon as the NATO decides to stop violating basic
    principles of international law and justice and cease their aggressive
    actions in the country, I'll be glad to give you a better, more
    detailed story". Beri, we love ya!  :-)

    Email Assist for Yugoslavs
    Article about Anonymizer service. There is an interesting opinion in
    the article about Yugoslav government (carefully?) monitoring our
    war diaries... Gosh... We are not playing Moulders and Scullies here
    and this is not the X-files...

    Net Dispatches from Kosovo's War
    Article about cyber-monk, father Sava, from Decani monastery on Kosovo.


             Slobodan Markovic   | http://solair.eunet.yu/~twiddle
             Internodium Project | http://www.internodium.org.yu

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