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<nettime> [ot] Mobilization to <red> STOP </red> the <nazi> American Humanitarian Assistance </nazi>

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EMERGENCY Mobilization to STOP the War
39 West 14 St., #206
New York, NY  10011
(212) 633-6646  fax: (212) 633-2889
email: iacenter@iacenter.org
web: www.iacenter.org

for the June 5 March on the Pentagon
please respond quickly

We are compiling a list of contact information in cities across the
country who are mobilizing for the Washington DC and San Francisco
demonstrations.  Any group organizing for the march will be listed in
whatever way you choose on our web page and in our literature.  Please
email back with as much information as possible (name of group,
address, phone, fax, email, etc.) if you want to be listed.  If you
are not connected with a group in your area and need to be, please
check the email and the web page, local contact information will be
available shortly.

We are also compiling national bus information on our web page.  Let
us know how many buses, vans, and car caravans you are planning to
organize to go to Washington DC or San Francisco.  Please send back
contact information for people wishing to travel from your city
(departure location, name of contact person, phone number, price,
departure time, etc.).  We have already heard from people coming to
Washington DC from as far away as Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Texas, and
are predicting that 100 buses will go from New York City.

If you haven't already endorsed, do so now with the online form found
at http://home.earthlink.net/~npcboston/jun5end.htm.

Full and part-time volunteers and interns are vitally necessary for
the success of this mobilization, especially in New York City and
Washington DC.  If you are available for all or part of the
mobilization, please call the IAC at 212-633-6646 in NYC and
415-821-6545 in San Francisco.  Internships are available for students
and others.

E-mail information about any meetings and demonstrations you are
having locally as building actions before June 5.  We will post them
on our web page.  (We are almost caught up with our backlog of

Organizing packets (including flyers, posters, stickers, and
petitions) are available upon request.

Emergency Mobilization to Stop the War--National Office
39 West 14 Street, #206
New York, NY  10011
212 633-6646
fax:  212 633-2889
email: iacenter@iacenter.org
web page:  http://www.iacenter.org

Emergency Mobilization to Stop the War--West Coast Office
2489 Mission, #28
San Francisco, CA  94110
415 821-6545
fax:  415 821-5782

Emergency Mobilization to Stop the War_other offices
Atlanta 770 662-6417
Baltimore 410 235-7040
Boston 617 522-6626
Buffalo 716 855-3055
Chicago 312 329-6119
Cleveland 216 426-0851
Detroit 313 831-0750
Houston 713 861-5965
Los Angeles 213 487-2368
Milwaukee 414 374-1034
Philadelphia 215 724-1618
Providence, RI 401 467-2288
Rochester, NY 716 436-6458
Washington, DC 202 544-5752

additional offices will be available within the next week

International Action Center
39 West 14 Street, Room 206
New York, NY 10011
email: iacenter@iacenter.org
phone: (212) 633-6646
fax: (212) 633-2889

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