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<nettime> CONTRAST: Film "Section 140" about police brutalit

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FYI, I just brought the following film online using RealVideo.
Though a few years old, it still has great value.

During the Eurotop in Amsterdam, June 1997, the police played a 
unique and controversial role. At the center of the
own, hundreds of peaceful demonstrators were arrested and 
molested, with most of them being arrested on the basis
of section 140 PC 'membership of criminal organisation'. 

This film shows what drastic consequences the actions of the 
polica had for demonstrators as well as for the ordinary
citizens of Amsterdam. During the days of the official EU 
conference and the previous weekend, the filmmakers were
out on the streets to record the escalating polica actions, and 
interview the people affected (demonstators as well
as the occasional passer-by). Because of their strong engagement 
the filmmakers had an opportunity to shoot some
unique material. Through the highly personal interviews the viewer 
gets an unexpected picture of what happened.

Filmed only by camcorder, the two filmmakers (one Dutch and one 
British) have aimed to produce words and images
with direct viewer appeal. The viewer consequently feels as if 
he/she is in the midst of unpredictable and sometimes
dangerous situations, which got completely out of hand. Against 
the background of the historic and well-known city
of Amsterdam, a new kind of police policy was born based not on a 
response to actual events, but on a tactic of
criminising and thus controlling an entire group of people. This film 
reveals for the first time the impact of this
strategy and raises the question of whether such police methods 
are ever justifiable in a democracy. 

The video is as PAL VHS available from Organic Chaos 
Productions /

Production: Uncontrolled Productions, Organic Chaos Productions.

"Section 140" is a film by Jerry and Fjodor.

Digitising and hosting by Gerbrand Oudenaarden 

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