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Re: <nettime> Private Intelligence Service on the Net

> From: Newmedia@aol.com (Mark Stahlman)
> Subject: <nettime> Private Intelligence Service on the Net
> www.stratfor.com

I follow them regularly, along with the BBC and Jane's.

Their Kosova page at  http://www.stratfor.com/crisis/kosovo/default.htm
does a good job of scouring public sources of information. Right now they 
are reporting that Sloba is quietly negotiating for war crimes immunity.

Their analysis often seems to restate the obvious.  But also they come up 
with some interesting theories sometimes.  They also address some topics 
which require genuine research, which pretty much leaves the field to them 
alone, when you consider that outfits like the USA "news" organisations do
not seem to do much real research, they just help formulate the spectacle.  

For example, see


for an analysis of Nato ground invasion options.  I wrote them a couple 
of weeks ago with some criticisms of the article, but I've gotten no 
reply from them, or even a simple acknowledgement.  I thought that in 
particular, this article concentrated too much on guns 'n stuff and too 
little on the volatile politics of the area, and what the implications
would be for strategy and for logistics.  I guess maybe these self-styled 
ivory tower / trenchcoat types don't talk too much ...

For all their "intelligence" window-dressing, you can argue that they 
are as un-objective as anyone else is, and that they selectively filter 
reality as much as anyone else does.  But it is a unique website and it 
does have some real information.

best to all,

fred baube

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