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<nettime> Good "Old" Maps

Good "Old" Maps provide a "good excuse" for incompetence.

The CIA's cover story for the bombed Chinese Embasy in Belgrade is as thin
as the bathroom paper that it's written on.  With cellphone- packing-gps
toting spotters on the ground in and around the "theatre" and realtime spy
satellite images, the spooks and the pentagon have to come up with a
better public relations story than "stale" data to explain away the
million$a-pop killing. 

Most likely, the "targeting error" was the result of another compromised
agent, as in the bombing of the refugee convoy where a KLA "spotter" was
captured, tortured and killed by Serbian forces, who then fed disinfo to
the NATO C3i.  (lower case "i" intentional ;-)

While "modern warfare depends on acting with deliberate speed on
intelligence", relying on "old maps" is a prime example of "military
intelligence" (lower case intended) and tired spin. 

"This was not a human or a mechanical error,  this was an 'institutional'
--US 'Defense' Secretary William Cohen
   on the US bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade


ECHELON must love this keword-rich message ;-)



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