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Home pages of U.S. departments of Energy and Interior were reportedly
defaced in wake of NATO's accidental strike against the Chinese embassy in

NATO's accidental bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade has
apparently spurred a series of hacking incidents on U.S. government sites. 

Hackers struck the Web site of the U.S. Department of the Interior,
replacing the graphics on its home page with photos of three of the
Chinese nationals who were apparently killed in the errant bombing, as
well a photo of protesters carrying a banner with the words "U.S. Killer"
on it. 

According to a report by ABCnews.com, hackers altered the official Web
site of the U.S. embassy in China yesterday, then struck the sites of the
departments of Energy and the Interior on Sunday. 

The Energy Department site read "Protest USA's Nazi action," abcnews.com
said. As of late Sunday evening, its home page appeared to be down, its
servers failing to yield a connection. 

Meanwhile, hackers also created their own Web site at
killusa.abc.yesite.com/, which carried hundreds of messages of protest as
well as entries calling for an organized effort to hack other sites,
including NATO's. 

One message encouraged attempts to bring NATO's e-mail server down and
solicited information on bugs in the Solaris operating system on which the
message said the server runs. 

ABCnews.com also reported an attempt to attack the official White House
site. It also cited several messages on Chinese Web sites and message
boards in China claiming that Chinese prostestors were responsible for the
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