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Re: <nettime> Disney Invasion

In today's Guardian there are two strip cartoons. Steve Bell's "If" strip
refers to cluster bombs and their methodology of spreading small AP mines.
The suggestion is that this is a particularly barbarous form of bomb. The
cluster bomb floating down on a parachute rebukes its critics with
something about being a "Just" bomb. 

Meanwhile Gary Trudeau's Doonesbury suggests that the opposing militaries
are fighting wars "past" each other. Ignoring responses completely ... the
world's first dysfunctional war. 

Perhaps someone with a copy to hand can post the full dialogue? Or the

This is an immediate and free media response which NATO wouldn't much
like, but it's out. 

The reported use of cluster bombs would be considered extremely
unfavourable by those considering the mercifully brief nail-bombing
campaign in London recently. These nail bombs have produced just the sort
of injuries which AP mines do. Traumatic amputations, shrapnel pieces
embedded deeply, infection upon infection upon infection. 

The surgeons trying to save the lives of those most seriously injured in
the third fatal bombing in Soho are having to operate again and again as
these new infections take hold, caused by small pieces of dirt and
fragments of metal, brick etc etc. 

Slobodan Markovic wrote:
>     When a friend sent me the following link, couple days ago, I thought
>     it was a good joke:

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