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Re: <nettime> JEopardized BIzarre Tourist Entertainment of SErbia ("JE.BI.T.E.SE")

> >        THE LATEST!
> >
> > Latest tourist invention of the 20th century! Tourist offer
> > organized by Yugoslav Tourist Association

of course it is not, during ww1 surch things really happen and army had
also to satisfy the desire of some patriotes bourgeois et bourgeoise to
visit the front, as they could only visit real one where nothing happens,
some phoney fights trenches were staged behind the real front, witness
some photographie of marvellous idiots with boaters and moustache and
women with huge cockade on her back hidden themselves behind their parasol
against shrapnel shell. what pumped led in the arses of these famous
impressionist idylic pair of fuckers in a steel underwood and near a so
closed blood marigot. it's an old expression in french for that 'la guerre
en dentelle' kind of 'lace war' so nothing new in entertainment from the
east and from our far ending millenium. 

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