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<nettime> New American Words

     [orig not to nttime]

abducted - captured, arrested 
accident - intentional killing of 70 refugees 
accused = presumed guilty 
agreement - ultimatum 
allies = satellites 
barbarians - others (came back to original Roman meaning) 
"clean" war - usage of cluster bombs and depleted Uranium 
collatelar damage - intentional killing of 70 refugees 
(complete lie) 
degrading and destroying military forces = nuking the whole country 
democrat = a person who supports Americans and/or allies (see above) 
democratic elections = any form of installing pro-American government 
heroism - throwing bombs and missiles from 10,000 m hight 
massacre - killing of 40 terrorists in a combat (Rachak) 
minor border incident = full-scale attack 
NATO-led = American-led 
no casualties - under 2 (in aviation); under 20 (in civilan casualties) 
peace keeping = occupying 
peace threaty - capitulation and occupation 
preventing = causing 
propaganda - other side of the story 
relyable sources - terrorist organization (Usage: when you want to say a 
snitched - (see abducted) 
terrorist = a person who attacks Americans and/or allies (see above) 
unrelyable sources - sources you dont like 
war criminal = a person who oppose to NATO 

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