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AMARC launches international campaign of solidarity with independent media
in FRY

1 May 1999


International Campaign of Solidarity with independent media in the Federal
Republic of Yugoslavia On 3rd May, World Press Freedom Day, the World
Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC) and HelpB92 are
launching an international campaign of solidarity with Radio B92 and fifty
other independent broadcasters from the Association of Independent
Electronic Media (ANEM).

The solidarity action is being launched in protest at the blanket
repression of broadcast and other media in and from  FRY. We call on
supporters of freedom of expression around the globe to join this action to
assure the safety and continuing work of independent media activists during
this time of extreme crisis and war.

Radio B92 and ANEM have won world-wide acclaim for their commitment during
the past ten years to countering nationalist rhetoric, hatred and war in
the Balkans.

The long-term goal of this international solidarity action is to get Radio
B92 and all other ANEM stations back on the air and broadcasting free
information as soon as possible. To enable them to realise this goal, we
aim to twin fellow broadcasters, radio and television stations, freedom of
expression organisations and activists from around the world with
journalists and other staff from these independent media in the region.

The main focus of the launch is the mobilisation of community radio
broadcasters throughout the world, many of whom will undertake solidarity
broadcasts with ANEM and Radio B92 on World Press Freedom Day. AMARC
President, Maria Victoria Polanco, will present the campaign in Bogota
during the UNESCO celebrations of World Press Freedom Day.

For further information, please contact Brian Carty at:

AMARC European Secretariat,
15 Paternoster Row,
Sheffield S1 2BX,
United Kingdom,
tel: +44 114 221 0592,
fax: +44 114 279 8976,
e-mail: brianc@amarc.org,
website: http://www.amarc.org/b92

You can also contact:

Steve Buckley, Deputy President of AMARC,
at +44 114 279 5219

Julia Glyn-Pickett, B92 spokesperson,
at +44 797 108 7184

This action is supported by, among others: Centre for War, Peace and the
News Media; Committee to Protect Journalists; Index on Censorship; Free
Media Movement, Sri Lanka; Instituto Prensa y Sociedad, Peru; Sindicato de
Periodistas del Paraguay; Reporters' Association of Thailand; Network for
the Defence of Independent Media in Africa; Media  Watch, Bangladesh; Media
Institute of Southern Africa; Canadian Journalists for Free Expression;
Article 19; Pacific Islands News Association; Hong Kong Journalists
Association; Freedom House; Egyptian Organization for Human Rights;
Institute for the Studies on Free Flow of  Information, Indonesia;
Periodistas, Argentina; Glasnost Defence Foundation, Russia; Norwegian
Forum for Freedom of Expression; International Press Institute; West
African Journalists Association; Greek Helsinki Monitor; Confd ration
Nationale des Radios Libres, France; Organisatie van Lokale Omroepen in
Nederland; Association of  Non-Governmental Radio Broadcasters of Russia;
National Community Radio Forum, South Africa; Community Media Association,
United Kingdom

r   a   d   i   o   q   u   a   l   i   a


f r e q u e n c y  s h i f t i n g  p a r a d i g m s
i n  s t r e a m i n g  a u d i o


supported by virtual artists (VA)

Help the free media in Yugoslavia: http://helpB92.xs4all.nl
Support free speech about Kosovo: http://dds.nl/openchannels

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