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          [from mr javier bernal]
          [A-INFOSNEWSSERVICE: stop the bombs]
          IMPORTANT INTERNAL GERMAN "humanitarian assistance"

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Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1999 10:04:16 -0600

from: "MR JAVIER  BERNAL" <>

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[included below as well]

 Javier Solana es miembro del Partido Socialista (?) Obrero
 Espa#ol. Esta gente siempre se han distinguido por enga#ar
 al pueblo: en 1982 ganaron las elecciones con la ayuda de
 gran parte de los votantes del Partido Comunista de Espa#a,
 al prometer que nunca nos meterian en la OTAN, manteniendo
 al pais dentro del bloque no alineado.

 "De entrada, nada", decian.
 La verdad es que eso es lo que hicieron...
 Durante los primeros a#os, no se refirieron al tema...
 En 1986, el cacique-presidente Felipe Gonzalez, se aprovecho
 de los miedos del pueblo para venderle la moto de que OTAN
 era igual a progreso y que, sin ella, Espa#a nunca entraria en
 la CEE y cosas asi.

 Hipocritas fascistas...

 english translation [c97979]

 Javier Solana is member of the Socialist Party (?) Working Espa#ol. This
 people always have
 distinguished itself by enga#ar to the town: in 1982 they gained
 the selections with the aid of great part of the voters of the
 Communist Party of Espa#a, when promising that never they
 meterian to us in NATO, maintaining to pais within the block

 " Of entrance, anything ", they decian. The truth is that that
 is what they did... During the first a#os, they did not talk
 about the subject... In 1986, cacique-president Felipe Gonzalez,
 I take advantage of the fears of the town to sell moto to him of
 which NATO was equal to progress and that, without her, never
 entraria Espa#a in the EEC and these things.

 hypocritical fascists...

> >
> > An open letter to hired war-monger of somebody
> > else's army - Javier Solana
> > April 19, 1999

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Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1999 10:11:00 -0600

 ________________________________________________ A -  I N F O
S N E W S S E R V I C E /
 ________________________________________________ STOP THE BOMBS:  The
base of Istrana (Italy) again invaded.  Sunday April 25 more than one
thousand of demonstrators was found in Istrana with the call of Centri
sociali del Nordest.  **time-out** whereas during the week precede it
go of many polemic (on behalf of Rifondazione Comunista and of many
association pacifist) have exploded view for himself oppose with
proposal of a demonstration have for goal of himself oppose radically
with war and assert the right with use all the means necessary with
this intention ce faire, the first result positive be the strong
participation with a demonstration of character room and impetus by a
single subject policy.  It should be recalled that on April 25 is the
day of the celebration of the end of the war for Italy and thus all
the institutional left, the confederal trade unions and of many
associations had preferred to meet in Milan for a demonstration
against the war...  Thus by this very beautiful afternoon when Ra gave
us all his force and its splendour, us rendimes with Istrana... while
occupying of the trains as usual.  Once arrived in this tiny station,
the police device was that of a State in war, nearly five hundred
police officers and police officers awaited us.  In this village of
the Province of Trévise, never such a mobilization of demonstrators
and police force had not been seen.  The population looked at this
spectacle;  the majority in a hallucinated way, others testified their
solidarity with the procession, joining it same for some of them, and
finally some made include/understand their concern, nobody not
expressing his opposittion clearly.  **time-out** the climate in the
procession ètait not that of a walk in full countryside, all be
conscious, and the deployment of police force de.l' ordre in behaviour
anti-riot make only reinforce this feeling, that the day be aspre,
tend and that it be strongly difficult to express in action concrete
our opposition with bombardment and our will for the opening of a real
policy of negotiation allow before all the protection of inhabitant of
Kossovo.  **time-out** however, the procession himself refuse not with
irony and more of a hundred of demonstrator be cap of strainer in
plastic as helmet, a manner of take in derision all the attack undergo
at the time of week preceding one about the violence practise by the
militant of centri sociali.  The Italian medias were also with go
prets to be testified to this one and the return of the years of lead.
Consequently, the truck platform from where alternated music, slogans
and speech against the war and the ethnic purification of Milosevic
moved towards the base of Istrana followed of the demonstrators and
framed by the police force.  After three kilometers in open country,
the objective, the target was in sight.  A plane took off and made
even more present the horror and the rage tested by the procession
against cruelty of this war answering another cruelty, that of
Milosevic.  The road cotoyait finally the enclosure of the base and
one could see the tracks.  The procession arreta.  The font made the
same one and was spread in order to encircle us without however being
put between the procession and the enclosure, our unforeseen stop in
empecha, just like the ditch which separates the road from netting
surrounding the base.  A banderolle carried by many balloons of
goldbeater's skin on which one could read " STOP THE BOMBS " had some
difficulty of rising in the airs, of many rockets of fires of arfices
enflamèrent the skies;  our anti-aircraft strategy to block takeoffs
showed our limited resources to be opposed to those but seemed to
function the planes remained in end of track.  We had announced it
before:  **time-out** we want by our presence impose a treve some
bombardment and especially show that it be possible to it make, which
more be in be some ten of thousand as for example the 50.000
demonstrator which be present with Milan but which incideraient of
nothing against this war.  But our limited resources of humane
ngérence and civil disobedience against this war were essouflaient
and it was felt well that the present wanted to act more concretely.
The consultation and stops it with ear were carried out in little time
under the anxious glance of the police force which understood that the
afternoon was not finished.  Consequently in little time, of the
medical cords organized themselves to interpose with the reaction of
the font.  Luca Casarini, spokesman of Centri sociali del Nordest,
always perched on the truck challenged the font by saying that it did
not occur anything and that everyone was to keep its calms whereas a
group of demonstrators provided with grips crossed the ditch and
started to shear netting.  **time-out** the first cord of Crs himself
dirigeaint towards the force of interposition which to himself protect
of future blow of bludgeon exhibait a kind of mattress use for the
high jump en hauteur and that on the side lay out of tube à tire of
truck inflate usually use like buoy.  Luca repeated that it was about
a pacifist act, that the fact of cutting a netting did not ètait a
violent act that he sa' gissait simply of a humane act of
interference, an act symbolic system carried out by citizens being
opposed to the bombardments.  The police force was agitated.  They
wanted the body with body but protections of the demonstrators
functioned well better than the strategy of NATO to protect the
populations kossovares.  The first lacymogenes left but this time
contrary to the demonstration Aviano not to tended shootings.  Part of
the demonstrators, which was behind the medical cords moved back and
to regain the field along the road, contrary to the enclosure.  During
this time four demonstrators returned in the base with a banderolle to
the hand, a little like the first men over the moon... but this
spangled time not of flag but well " STOP THE BOMBS "!  At the same
time whereas the bodies with body intensified, emerged from the base
of the soldiers holding up of rifles and pointing the invaders, others
provided with dogs, two armoured tanks including one with a water
cannon.  The tension was immense, the blows on the road rained of any
share but our goal was reached:  we had shown that it is possible
collectively to re-enter on a basis and by blocking the decollages
there planes.  Thus, whereas the soldiers launched their dog on the
people inside the military area, Luca advised to them to leave this
territory increasingly more hostile and required that the font just
like the army arretèrent their loads, which they did and left us more
than pantois...  Consequently calms it returned, satisfaction was
large and the procession set out again towards the station.

Well on, the complaints against the demonstrators will arrive in
little time, well on the lawsuits are likely to be very hard against
us, but we had achieved our goal:  during more than two hours no plane
took off.  The television news granted broad spaces to this event and
in a rather positive way.  Newspapers of the following day, idem.  It
would seem that that which depreciated this initiative the most is the
French Minister for the armies who requested official explanations
from the Italian government and which complained about the lack of
security of the base of Istrana.  Should it be recalled that the
French mirages take off of this base to go to bombard Serbia,
Monténegro and Kossovo.  And if Mr Richard had to face soon
demonstrations in front of the military bases on the French territory
which would make it, we would like the knowledge...
________________________________________________ Collettivo Sherwood
Comunicazione - Infodiret(t)e

                The A-Infos News Service

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Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1999 11:17:41 -0600
Subject: IMPORTANT INTERNAL GERMAN "humanitarian assistance"


As in the case of the Clinton Administration, the present regime in Germany,
specifically Joschka Fischer's Foreign Office, has justified its intervention
in Kosovo by pointing to a "humanitarian catastrophe," "genocide" and "ethnic
cleansing" occurring there, especially in the months immediately preceding the
NATO attack. The following internal documents from Fischer's ministry and from
various regional Administrative Courts in Germany spanning the year before the
start of NATO's air attacks, attest that criteria of ethnic cleansing and
genocide were not met. The Foreign Office documents were responses to the
courts' needs in deciding the status of Kosovo-Albanian refugees in Germany.
Although one might in these cases suppose a bias in favor of downplaying a
humanitarian catastrophe in order to limit refugees, it nevertheless remains
highly significant that the Foreign Office, in contrast to its public assertion
of ethnic cleansing and genocide in justifying NATO intervention, privately
continued to deny their existence as Yugoslav policy in this crucial period.
And this continued to be their assessment even in March of this year. Thus
these documents tend to show that stopping genocide was not the reason the
German government, and by implication NATO, intervened in Kosovo, and that
genocide (as understood in German and international law) in Kosovo did not
precede NATO bombardment, at least not from early 1998 through March, 1999, but
is a product of it.

Excerpts from the these official documents were obtained by IALANA
(International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms) which sent them to
various media. The texts used here were published in the German daily junge
welt on April 24, 1999. (See as
well as the commentary at
According to my sources, this is as complete a reproduction of the documents as
exists in the German media at the time of this writing.  What follows is my
translation of these published excerpts.

Eric Canepa Brecht Forum, New York April 28, 1999

I: Intelligence report from the Foreign Office January 6, 1999 to the
Bavarian Administrative Court,

"At this time,

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