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<nettime> "Tracing Services of the National Red Cross Societies"

[Forwarded from the Belgian Red Cross. No URL (yet). Does anyone know of
other working examples of such online initiatives, or critiques and
skepticisms about it? | fokky]


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Date: Wed, 28 Apr 1999 17:07:38 +0200
Subject: Re: Idee bij hulp bij de Balkanactie / help with the Balkanaction
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The current conflict in the Balkans has resulted in the displacement of
some hundreds of thousand of people.  This has often resulted in families
split up all over the region and in third countries.

In accordance with its mandate and taking into account the new
technologies, the ICRC is presently setting up a specific Web site for the
International Red Cross/Red Crescent family news network for the victims of
the Balkan crisis, co-ordinated by the Central Tracing Agency of the ICRC.
This project is developed with all the Tracing Services of the National Red
Cross Societies in countries affected by the consequences of the conflict
in the Balkans.

This Web Site will be operational in the next two weeks and will offer the
possibility to send a Red Cross message directly on-line, via the National
Red Cross Societies or ICRC offices or to register the name of a victim of
the conflict who has lost contact with his family on a specific list
accessible on the site.

This list of people (based on the principle of free will of the concerned
to have his/her name published worldwide) will be accessible worldwide on a
specific web-site; the web-site specifications will be communicated to the
press once it becomes operational.

Once a person in Belgium knows the wherebouts of his relative, he will be
able to send a Red Cross Message directly online via the Belgian Red Cross.
Messages received from abroad for relatives in Belgium will be send the
same way and will be distributed by the Belgian Red Cross.

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