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<nettime> Belgrade digest. Wake up Europe!

Dear Slobodan Markovic,

we agree with your comment about nettime-l thread.

Thanks for your news and comment about war: you work daily very well! We
feel that also Italian people is more and more dubious about NATO policy
and aggression against Yugoslavia. NATO heads at 50's years party in
Washington atrociusly redefined war targets as: Let's bomb whatever! Since
his coming back from NATO party premier Massimo D'Alema has not yet
appeared in TV, because his awareness of constantly people approval
decreasing. We feel people start to understand real meanings and hidden
purposes of this dirty war. Now it needs to resist, we say to Yugoslavian
People. It's really hard, we know! And we say to the other european
People: the time of european dignity and pride has coming. Wake up
European peaple! History is looking for us. Stop Nato bombing. Stop Nato
War. Peace now! Good luck, Yugoslavia! Good luck Europe! Greetings

good willingness people in Brindisi.

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