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Subject: Voices From The Hellmouth
By: JonKatz (
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 12:26 EDT

> In the days after the Littleton, Colorado massacre, the country went
> on a panicked hunt the oddballs in High School, a profoundly ignorant
> and unthinking response to a tragedy that left geeks, nerds,
> non-conformists and the alienated in an even worse situation than
> before. Stories all over the country embarked on witchunts that
> amounted to little more than Geek Profiling. All weekend, after
> Friday's column here, these voiceless kids -- invisible in media and
> on TV talk shows and powerless in their own schools -- have been
> e-mailing me with stories of what has happened to them in the past
> few days. Here are some of those stories in their own words, with
> gratitude and admiration for their courage in sending them. The big
> story out of Littleton isn't about violence on the Internet, or
> whether or not video games are turning out kids into killers. It's
> about the fact that for some of the best, brightest and most
> interesting kids, high school is a nightmare of exclusion, cruelty,
> warped values and anger. 

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