felipe rodriquez on Tue, 27 Apr 1999 09:15:40 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> RE: nettime-l = kosovo-l or serbia-l or nato-l ?


Thanks for your reply.

> but, i agree with you in terms that i do not have any interest to be
> part of the invention of a new type of journalism or opinion
> production in times of crisis. (the net as cheap CNN?) the problem
> is indeed the weired mix of pseudo-objective news fetishism with
> the sincere worries of people with the propaganda machine of both sides.


> and i am sure that also other people experienced mailinglists as a useful
> media last weeks.

I do not question the validity of the discussion of Kosova and Serbia, and am
personally very interested in developments in that region.

But.. I do wonder if Nettime is the place to continue a discourse about this
topic. My worries have nothing to do with the topic of Serbia or Kosova, but
with the persistence of the topic on the list. In my relatively long history as
a net addict I've witnessed the evolution of lists over and over again. Every
list or newsgroup has an evolutionary process; it is initiated, it grows into
something the readers enjoy, then it grows further into a heavy traffic and
limited topic environment, and eventually the initiators leave in disgust
because what is left is something very remote from what was intended.

Currently Nettime is moving into the phase where topics are limited, and
traffic grows. The content of the list is slowly moving away from the initial
intention and diversity of the nettime list, and within weeks or months people
will start unsubscribing from the nettime mailinglist and moving towards other
communities. The future of nettime is at stake. And I'd like to make sure that
we move into that phase with our eyes open.

Because Nettime is a moderated list, the moderators have a chance to change the
course of development on the list. And I believe some strategy or action by the
moderators would be appropriate at this moment, or in the very near future.

> ok, what can be done?

As far as I know Nettime is a moderated list, therefore it is the discretion of
the moderator to take action, and to maintain an environment that is
interesting and stimulating to the Nettime community. A daily digest seems to
be a reasonably good idea.

I'd prefer creating a separate forum for the discussion about the
Kosova/Serbian topic. Such a mailinglist may be appealing to a larger community
than just the nettime subscribers, and may therefore be an interesting
initiative in itself. Such a list could become a blossoming open forum and
would not even need a moderator. As long as such an initiative is not
frustrated and sabotaged by supporters of either side in the conflict. If that
would ever happen a moderator would be necessary.

	Felipe Rodriquez

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