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<nettime> ivogram 042499: nuking the serbs, bombing the factories

From: "Ivo Skoric" <ivo@reporters.net>
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 1999 16:07:12 +0000
Subject: War as Porn

So, this apparently AOL residing site has more than 8 million hits, 
about 75% of people that took a vote - voted that Serbs should be 
nuked. Sick.

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Have a look at this site...


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From: "Ivo Skoric" <ivo@reporters.net>
Date: Sat, 24 Apr 1999 02:10:34 +0000
Subject: forward from pancevo 

                                   Pancevo, 16. April 1999.
                                   HIP PETROHEMIJA d.p
                                   Dr Slobodan Tresac,
                                   Director General 

                                    "It is my duty and obligation to
                                    inform the domestic and
                                    international public that on 15th
                                    April 1999 at 22:40 NATO forces
                                    heavily bombarded the plants of
                                    the Petrochemical Complex in
                                    Pancevo which were in regular

                                    Installations and equipment of the
                                    Vinyl Chloride Monomer plant and
                                    Ethylene plant were directly hit.
                                    Indirectly, heavy and destructive
                                    explosions damaged the
                                    Chlor-alkali plant and
                                    Polyvinylchloride plant and
                                    buildings inside the complex as
                                    well as a large number of civilian
                                    houses and flats in the
                                    surrounding area. 

                                    The fire broke out and huge
                                    quantities of toxic matters such
                                    as chlorine, ethylene dichloride
                                    and vinyl chloride monomer flowed
                                    out. The transformer stations were
                                    also heavily damaged and very
                                    toxic transformer oil flowed out. 

                                    Unfortunately but unavoidably a
                                    large number of people were
                                    injured and intoxicated. At this
                                    moment we do not know the exact
                                    number of intoxicated and injured
                                    civilians who were evacuated. 

                                    Due to the power failure and
                                    utilities and auxiliary fluids
                                    interruption a large quantity of
                                    combustible, explosive and toxic
                                    matters remained trapped in the
                                    equipment, installations and
                                    tanks. It will take a lot of time
                                    to drain and evacuate all those
                                    matters from the plants before the
                                    plants could be considered safe
                                    for a wide surrounding area. 

                                    The plants have been heavily
                                    damaged and cannot be put in

                                    According to all the terms and
                                    rules of warfare accepted and
                                    followed so far, the plants of
                                    chemical process industries of
                                    this type have never been military
                                    targets and objects of strikes.
                                    The range of products of "HIP
                                    Petrohemija" d.p. Pancevo is of
                                    extremely civilian nature and
                                    bombardment of these plants
                                    represents the worst war crime and
                                    it reveals genocidal intentions of
                                    the aggressor. Therefore, we call
                                    upon the petrochemical producers,
                                    licensors and engineering houses
                                    all over the world to raise their
                                    voice and warn those who give
                                    orders for bombing of the danger
                                    and catastrophic consequences
                                    which might be caused by bombing
                                    of this kind of plants."

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