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tonight  i  sit  in  front  of  my machine, thinking on what to say as the
moment  of electronic cutoff is getting nearer.  if i was living in uzice,
just  200  km  south  from belgrade, i'd be cut off not just from net, but
from complete telephone system...

and they say it is good of me.

last  night  war  rush [along with its predictable music support] begun at
1am,  like  every  other night before.  but this night was different.  i'd
say  very  different  and  utterly dangerous; not only for us, but for the
complete sane humanity.

last  night  television studios in serbian tv building are turned to dust,
along  with  journalists  and  technicians  who were in the middle of news
production/transmission.   nobody  dared  to  believe  that nato treats to
destroy  television  will  actually  happen  - but they did, they attacked
television and its journalists just because of their different view.  they
showed  us  what democracy and freedom of speech is with 10 people killed,
18 wounded and 20 still missing in the ruins...

and they say it is good of me.

this  is  a  treat  to complete range of thoughts, writings and reporting.
and  i dare someone to prove me wrong - when west has one homogenized view
on  situation  and shows support only for destruction of sovereign country
[totally ignoring huge consequences on citizens], and east still trying to
find  the solution which will work for everyone [which west totally ignore
and  reject],  how  can anyone ignore hails coming from all over the globe
and blindly believe that western media is the only one who provide 'truth,
the  only  truth  and  nothing  but the truth'?  how can west be so openly
ignorant  to  thoughts  and voices coming from all this people and keep on
destroying  and  overtaking the east when it's obvious that east leaded by
russia is the only one trying to find peaceful solution for globe, not war
solution like NATO showed us?

i'm  deeply  concerned for complete humanity - this demonstration of power
destroyed  all  international  instituions  and shows care only for people
living in countries willing to obey and become their economic and military
slaves.   and  i'm  being  forced  [as most of you readers are] to shut up
because 'they' are stronger and 'they' have the power.

but  i will not.  just like 11 millions people living here now.  we choose
to  keep  our  human pride and voice, even if it means to fight until last
one  survives.   because  now i know what i fight for - i fight for myself
being independent and not letting myself being bought off by another major

all  you  out there, who 'wiselly' choose to keep their voice down because
of  egoistic  human  prevention  -  keep in mind that this is becoming the
allworld's  life  blackmail  -  and  someone will have to fight it once in
future.  i choose to fight it among the first who realized this mess as it
is  -  a  new kind of colonization which will be explained in future books
with some fancy name of which i absolutelly don't care.

it's good to work your job and not to ask too many questions.  it's bad to
express  your opinion if it doesn't suit your company's/country's politics
[remember  that  bbc  reporter  being  warned  by  british  government for
presenting  yugoslav point of view?].  people are being learned not to pay
attention  on  geopolitics because it is just a conspiracy theory bullshit
[?].   and when someone realizes that the thing happening is the very same
what  he  read in some of 'conspiracy theories' then he shouldn't believe,
because  if  he  does,  he  is  being marked as either stupid, paranoid or
'evil' communist.

and  all of you being heavily concerned about 'ethnic cleansing' - one day
you'll  realize  that  this  was  all  directed and created for television
purpose  in  order  to  convince  public of neccessity of military action.
goebels  is becoming a pale shadow when compared to what happens today.  i
just  happen  to  know the facts of what is happening in yugoslavia and in
kosovo  and  don't  tend to ignore all other facts of life and information
abuse  done  in past - i'm not stupid enough to believe that now that same
government  and  their leaders became righteous and pure in their goodness
for mankind.

but  you  can  all go on ignoring this hails and continue to act brainless
and  listen  to 'refugees sad stories' and pray for people who are killing
their own brothers if they don't want to fight for greater albania...  you
only  care  about  your  job  and  security in life - if it means that you
should  keep  your eyes and ears closed on things your government does far
away  from  your  homeland  -  you just do it and get on with your 'normal

shame on you, ignorant sterile individuals!

one  day  i'm sure you'll feel like a sheep, but i wont care then and lose
any thought cycle.  you deserve it, because you are what you do.

open your eyes people.  soon it will be too late.

voice of belgrade computer underground

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