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<nettime> sunflower update 6

latest news and original SUNFLOWER plan:

Balkan Sunflowers
c/o postfach 1219, D-14806 Belzig
+ 49 33841 30670  (30671 fax)
applications: steffie@mir.org
info: lists@mir.org
Account: SUNFLOWER Accountnr 160 160 1
Bank Oekobank Frankfurt (Germany)
BLZ 500 901 00

Time for a new update. In short, sunflower are starting
to blossom everywhere and in all coulrs and forms. From
people who are busy to get computers with handy connection
for refugee centers, mobile cinema, ecological solutions
for the refugee housing problems, printing machines for
centernewspapers, playtoys, clothes until groups who
are preparing there trip to Albania or Macedonia. And when
I write evrywhere in the world, than I mean everywhere in
world, from Japan till Chili, from Finland till South

In Europe we have a practical preparation meeting this
weekend, where almost from every country in Europe re-
presentatives are coming. By monday we hope to put on the
net in which countries we have contact points. Basically
it can be said that the workcamp organisation SCI and all
here national branches will take up a lot of the national
work. Because and Steffie will also be on that meeting,
excuse us when we don't answer our email the coming 3 days.

Besides volunteers in the refugeecamps, pathfinders and
international coordinators we have a need for people
who can work our offices in Albania and Macedonia. The
planning is that we will open them around mid-Mai and
people who like to help there should bring some time (at
least 3 months). If you are interested, please contact us.

As you could read we are going to open our offices in the
region soon. And to be open, the price in Tirana and Skopje
are high, to rent a place, where also volunteers can sleep
when the just arrive and get their training cost at least
1200 dollar per month. This is to make it clear that
we need funding for this. It is with other words from
absolute need that people with fundraising experiences
and time and interest contact us, so that we can start
bigger fundraising activities. We are already busy on it,
but we defenitely need more.

In mid-May a huge International Peace Conference will take
place in Den Haag (Netherlands), about 4000 people are
expected to come. We would like to get in contact with
people who go there and who can help us to promote
the balkan sunflowers there.

Lots of organisations has send us a small email stating that
they support us, we would like to asked again, if those
organisations, and others, send us an official mail (or
letter) stating their support.

Lutzenberger, who won for about 10 years the so-called
alternative Peace Price, has wish us a big succes and a
lot of power to realise this initiative. If you are
"famous" or know "famous" people please ask them if they
officially support our action, it can help us to open

our website www.balkansunflowers.org ist still not up, sorry.
But on the site www.ddh.nl/org/balkansunflower you will find all
the information you need, also an application form and news
from the region. A group from about 5-6 people from all
over the world are doing a great job there. And every
where in the internet sunflowers website and logo with links
to our site are popping up. If you want to link your website
to ours, please do so, the logo and banners you can find on
our website.

If you want to join one of our online workinggroups, please
send a mail to lists@mir.org.

If you want to study the local languages a bit before you
go there as a balkan volunteer, take a look at the site:

Lots of questions we got about how to travel to the region,
what means of transport there is for goods, what visas are
needed, etc. At this moment we can't answer all those
questions, therefor we would appriciate if when you know
an answer to send it also to us, in order that we can inform

Mir Sada !!!


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