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InteLnet celebrates the "Day of Alternative Consciousness" by hosting a
chat session with Mikhail Epstein at 8PM Eastern Daylight Time on April
21st. Join us as we celebrate this day as well as the newly redesigned
InteLnet site at 

InteLnet is an experimental site for the communication of creative minds
in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary areas. One of its branches, the
Bank of New Ideas, invites submissions of original ideas for dissemination
and discussion. Other branches include ThinkLinks, inviting contributions
on the essential connections among remote fields of knowledge, and
InteLnetics, a project of a metadiscipline within the humanities. 

InteLnet was created by Mikhail Epstein in July of 1995. This April,
InteLnet was redesigned and expanded to include Filipp Sapienza's Culture
and Rhetoric web site. 

InteLnet has received the Social Innovations Award from the Institute for
Social Inventions in London, in the category of "creativity," as one of
"the most imaginative, feasable and potentially transformative schemes."
Culture and Rhetoric was created in June of 1996 and featured in an issue
of Kairos, an Online Journal for Writing Teachers in Webbed Environments. 

InteLnet represents an attempt to implement innovative, multi-dimensional
and multi-disciplinary ways of thinking, an attempt to engage
possibilities for dialogue and development of novel ideas, theories, and
practices. InteLnet is inspired by Russian cultural theory, in particular
what Mikhail Epstein has articulated as transculture. The InteLnet is in
part an attempt to realize and implement the dynamic possibilities of a
transcultural universe that are permitted with the rich and robust nature
of Internet communication. 

Russkii Variant:

Posetite chat InteLneta 21-ogo aprelia v 8 chasov EDT. 

Gymanitarnye nauki. Literatura. Kul'tura. Religiia. Filosofiia.

InteLnet proekt ispol'zovaniia elektronnogo prostranstva dlia sozdaniia i
rasprostraneniia novykh intellektual'nikh dvizhenii. InteLnet - ne tol'ko
stareishii intellektual'nyi proekt russkoi seti, no i pervoe interaktivnoe
ustroistvo v oblasti obmena i registratsii gumanitarnykh idei v
angloiazychnom internete, za chto byl udostoen nagrady londonskogo
Instituta sotsial'nikh izobretenii za 1995 g. (po razdelu "Tvorchestvo"). 

Oblast' professional'nykh zaniatii i interesov: filosofiia,
literaturovedenie, religiia, kul'turologiia, esseistika. 

Mikhail Epstein (

Filipp Sapienza (

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