Andreas Baader on Mon, 19 Apr 1999 18:17:09 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Gladio+opinions

Yesterday i heard about England sending 'secret ground troops'(ASA force?)
to former Yugoslavia. Later that night i a dutch news program said that
holland will propably also sound a group of military people to check out
what is happening in villages as well as taking action against small
groups of serb millitairies. 

It made me remember a book i read from Michael Schmidt called 'Neo nazi's'
in which he starts to talk about a secret underdepartment of the Nato
called 'gladio'. As i recall it concists of former neonazi's, former
ss-ers and other right wing folks. This group of, ehm, people would be
sent to countries where the leftwing politics are rising and had to
eliminate the dangerous people there. After journalists put it in the open
Nato has said that Gladio was over. 

Offcourse you shoudn't compare 'gladio' with the new troops, or should
you? What they are doing is a complete secret just like what 'gladio' did.
No one takes the responsibillity and noone ,except persons who we don't
know, know what is happening or what the plans excactly are. 

As far as my opinions go about what is happening.  Some propably find it
to simple, but i think that Milosovich and the complete army top should be
killed. People are talking about not killing these people, but that is not
realistic any more. What happens now is a bit like what happened with
Saddam Hussain. In this case the NATO bombs all these millitary targets,
just like mostly the United States did then. But what did happen? Saddam
Hussain is still there giving the United Nations a hard time. The
investigations to search for the ingredients for bombs were harrased
almost every single time. A great part of the iraq people propably hate
the western society more then ever and , again, The great treath Saddam
Hussain is still there waiting for another change to attack. 

The NATO bombs are hitting millitary targets and sometimes other places. I
say that's terrible but that happens in a war. When you try to take away
ones toys it can easily happen that you take a lot more, like running
refugees in this case. NATO shoots and hits the serb army, but as i see
it, these are the people that have orders to follow and if they refuse
they will most propably be shot themselves. What do you think will happen
when they do not propagandize Milosovich actions on any television
broadcast, why bother ask these people if you get a change to? They cannot
give their real opinion because if it's slightly negative they do not
excist any more. Could they run and escape, no! Because every side will
see them or as an enemy or as a traitor, and on both sides the dissident
will not have a life. 

Why do i think that killing Milosovich and the millitary top will help?
When i look at World War 2 the German empire was ovealmost immediatly
after Hitler killed himself. The German army gave up pretty quick because
there wasn't any plan left to forfill. Thats what i think would happen
with Kosova and the rest of former Yugoslavia as well. When they will be
gone there will be no plan to follow and no 'idealist'(?)dictator that
will punish the people who do not want to be involved in any political
plan.  Instead of killing the innocent the guilty party should be stopped


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