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<nettime> Re: A Policy of Tax Free Technology

          [orig to Thomas Melvin <>]

Dear Friend,

We are sorry to inform you that we have revoked your permissions to view
the website of the Presidential Exploratory Committee.  The Candidate's 
lawyer informs us that this is the wisest course of action with regards to 
the Candidacy and your relation towards it, and that more severe measures 
would be necessary to assure the Candidacy's health were we to continue 
allowing you to view our publicities any further.  The situation that has
arisen is unfortunate, the Candidate's lawyer suggests, and may already
be one of "damage."

The Presidential Exploratory Commission does view this as an 
astonishing setback--committed as we are to exploring every angle of 
the American voter's participation in the political process. We feel sure 
that yours is a voice that the American people needs to hear, that it is 
more important that your voice reach the powers that be in Washington and 
elsewhere than that Monsanto's does, or Shell's. Alas, since we have been 
advised not to present ourselves to you any longer, on orders of the 
Candidate, it will be much harder for you to present yourself to us, 
and through us to the powers that be--including, yes, the American people.

We will understand if you find yourself drawn to visiting our sister 
website, You will not find there any of 
the exciting information featured on our own PEC website (forbidden you!),, but only hortatory ramblings concerning the 
Candidate's strange Candidacy. It is a fairly well-designed site with 
only minor stylistic problems, and some unfortunate choices of photographs 
that make the Candidate and his Wife look not a little infantile. There is 
also the matter of the content, which is none. We do not consider these 
matters to detract from what the Candidate is attempting to say, however, 
and on these grounds recommend it.

If you do feel required to visit our exploratory website some more, you 
will find it at You will still be able to 
participate in the political process directly, there. There are however 
more letters to type, and it is harder to remember, so we will not fault 
you for any significant absence.

Shortly, at, you will be permitted to view another 
kind of exploration, this one more directly concerned with the Candidate
himself, and his peculiar ways.  We have reason to believe that these 
informations will prove as useful as have ours. They should be available
there within the next two or three days.

Best wishes,
Roy and Liz

P.S. The case of the U.S. Government vs. Microsoft does not have 
implications quite as far-reaching as you imagine.

Presidential Exploratory Committee: Your efforts redeemed

You wrote:
>Dear Roy and Liz,
>           I'm the person who wrote to you with a simple suggestion
>about tax reform. You obviously misunderstood the  point of my e-mail.
>In any event you lost my vote. I read your response to my suggestion and
>have come to the conclusion that you don't understand the importance of
>high growth and high productivity to the economy.
>           I agree that corporations can't be trusted to run this fine
>land . However the recent case of  the U.S. Government vs. Microsoft
>shows that we won't let tem. 
>           I never suggested that we have a government that wasn't run
>by the people, where you got that from I don't know. I was simply
>suggeting kicking the tecknological revolution into high gear to speed
>up the deflationary pricing process that is now taking place in the high
>tech sector. This would allow
>more kids the opportunities to be trained for the furture  high tech job
>            Anyway I wasn't  going to respond to your e-mail but this is
>the second time its been sent to me, please don't contact me again.
>             As for my "deplorable decision not to participate in the
>political process", I can assure you I'm constantly talking with
>friends, famly, and people in the community about who to vote for. And
>where as before I had talked about George  W. Bush as the guy I'll now
>have to express my opinion that you people don't 
>understand the markets  and how they relate to 
>running the country.
>                                                       Good Luck,
>                                                       Murry G.
>>Dear Friend,
>>Thank you for your interest in the George W. Bush election campaign.
>>As you suggest, it is indeed important to elect public officials. Without
>>elected officials, there is no democracy. Government serves to express the
>>will of the people, all agree. And the Presidential Exploratory Committee 
>>believes that it should not only express the will of the people, but carry
>>it out.
>>We wish that you would reconsider your deplorable decision not to participate
>>in the political process. Corporations cannot be trusted to run this fine
>>land, nor any other. It is tempting to allow them to do so--government is
>>such a big thing! and so confusing!--but we on the Presidential Exploratory
>>Committee feel we must try to envision government by people rather than money.
>>Please, check out more of what we have to say about this on our site, before you
>>decide for good to forsake us. We believe you will find
>>very worthwhile, if you will only give it a chance.
>>Best wishes,
>>Roy and Liz
>>Presidential Exploratory Committee: Your efforts redeemed
>>You wrote:
>>>      G. W. how are you? You need a slogan.
>>>It should be a policy of tax free technoogy. Everything that's internet,
>>>chips, PC's, and anything else that can be considered high tech.
>>>Make alist of items and stick to it. You could argue that the lost tax
>>>revenue  would be made 
>>>up on capital gains received from the explosion of high tech stocks. And
>>>the increased productivty that would be created from kicking the
>>>technology revolution into high gear would 
>>>help to fight inflation.  

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