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<nettime> Hear Other voices from Serbia

Q: Who are you?

A: We are a group of young prodemocratily oriented people (students
mostly) who have spent the best years of their lives trying to change some
things in Serbia, to create a more democratic society were people would be
able to have freedom of speech without being afraid of getting arrested,
beaten, tortured, etc. In the last ten years of bloodshed on Balkan, we've
condemned and protested against any form of violence, ethnical cleansing
and crimes against humanity, no matter which side is responsible for it.
We were under constant repression and were brutally molested by the regime
during the Student Protest 96/97. Although we failed in trying to change
the Milosevic`s regime (which did not happen because the West did not help
us in time), we achieved a lot. Many people in Serbia opened their eyes
and started using their heads instead of being hypnotized by propaganda.
We are aware of the fact that our attitude - against NATO intervention and
Milosevic's regime as well - is not popular among the sides taking part in
this conflict, but that is exactly why we think our side is the right one
and therefore it is the only one that can contribute to the stopping of

Q: What do you want?

A: Our aim is to offer you an independent view of all the aspects of this
crisis, at the peak of the propaganda of the media on both sides. Since
the true victims of this conflict are innocent civilians (regardless of
nationality), and all the aspects of the crisis (because of which this
NATO intervention started (the humanitarian aspect, the diplomatic one,
and that of democracy)), are getting worse terribly every day, we want the
conflict and bombing to stop NOW, and the finding of a peaceful solution
to start.  We think the possibilities for a political solution are
numerous and it is still not too late to reach them.

Find out a lot more about us in Frequently Asked Questions on Other
Voices from Serbia Web site at Go to 

Check Other Voices From Serbia site on There
you can find personal comments, statements of students' and
non-governmental organizations, eye witnesses, facts and issues and a list
of civilian targets and casualties.  We will appreciate all your comments
and suggestions.

Please send us e-mail addresses of people you want to involve, to avoid
duplicated messages.

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