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<nettime> a draft for the next nato flyer droppings

It should start off on a terrifyingly realistic note:

dear serbs, congratulations, you have truely beat the nazi4s with your world
record of inflation rates.

May you keep it forever.

Next NATO flyer text prelimberings: 

It is said Serbs fought fascism (as always inflation induced) bravely but now
they prove to have taken on adversarial traits as winners will.   Challenging
and or resisting centers of power, the creepyest of criminal inflators is
brave, true, but they can outdo and overcome you as and while you become them
well enough. In fact we all exist by the grace of their per coveted aeon and
firmament timed clout ((I) see the Bible as an index of such human, all too
human and understandable frailty).   Self preservation is the rooted leg of a
cross which doesn4t easily turn into the spoke of a wheel. Hence mayhem, thence
havoc (no matter the latter term once meant pretty nice women and trees). All
suffer and fall in/down when inflators father fascisms progenitating military
rule more likely than not in turn. 

Serbs are at the gate and front line of propagation freudig Islam and we should
be grateful for that since it obviously takes more than goodwill urging
themselves to contain themselves. No matter how much we owe Arab culture, we
can4t exclude nor close our eyes to "desertification of the patrist heartland"
(forthcoming booktitle by Demeo). A proposal with proportionate resettlements
(equal amounts or relocating serbs and their surrounding new neighbours) might
be best though it will take endless amounts of estimation, evaluation and

At the same time Serbs seem to fancy themselves an obvious challenge to the
just as chronically (worse only in the sense of more pervasive but certainly
not more intensely) ailing allied forces to whose seductive dares they have
fallen victim (in as far as IMF practise are responsible for their inflation).
It is not the first time decisions are made by armament consortiums to entice a
region to militarism and so close to Europe will promise better fireworks than
the boring video arcade on the sleazily feudal side of the rich/poor

Serbism is an incontrovertibly excellent example for the unforgivable threat:
acceleration, rationalizing and accellerating nazism (in fact they have 4m beat
already as far as the far from indecisive factor of inflation is concerned).
This is exhilarating only to the war industry ("war machine" as Robert Anton
Wilson in adaptation from Pierre Clastres calls it in "escaping the 19th
Century" a recent and less wildly fantastic than usual book of his (pretty good
none the less, I would even say, on the contrary, all the more). It is mildly
put, rationing to their future subjects though which we all were and some still
are. We wouldn4t need to bother with calls to mass production of the choiceless
imperative kind. All right, so one cross can become say 5 spokes.....let4s see
if we may fit a rim on that* 

Next NATO flyer text proposal Dear Serbs, your dubious doubtful and damaging
leader(s) holds and heads the world4s worst inflation records as should be well
known by now.   May (t)he(y) keep it for ever but let us think about what4s
wrong and right it no sooner than when the (p)reflections have ripened. I have
been downplaying the importance and significance of individual and heroic and
or devilish action for a good while already. Being a father who4s kids get run
away with before they are good and well out of the oven has dented my
selfconfidence maybe and the disguised king is always a fav with me.   Rare is
the male who rules over his mate even a season especially when averaging all
species. Serbia has long been ruled bya man appointed for life so let4s explore
the modern battlefields where the present day digital money caliburs are
ammunition  but otherwise all are recognizable as savvy saviour and sooty satan
depending on which side of the fence you see them. 

Inflation starts hollowing  and emptying out everything of value of itself:
value, even before spending it on arms and arms production.   Police forces
rescue units, safety nets, securit councils and cities of peace and
international justice where just as if not much more international armament
expo are held (like in the Hague uncomfortably recent)(could we have had
Milosevic on trial there instead?) (that would have taken a VN resolution
incriminating inflation which would be powerless without the support of global
players in banking business).   All get paid by us rich enough to afford a well
oiled taxing system meant to buy some protection if not expansion. The IMF,
World Bank and Fed Res. have fed this more or less voluntarily coughed up
(.....mmmm, less I guess) social money, even if practically extorted, in
principle back into national economies, ostensibly anyway but in reality a
bunch of black hole riddled private persons sluice it to offshore or inmountain
saving, earning, hide-, loan- and layaway accesible with loopy treasure map,
card catalog shuffle and telephony trick. 

Allow me to illustrate the volatility of challenging collective harms with
personal sleighs of hand with some of my own nethistory. You read me now
rather than that grip of spade, axe and saw feel mine bycause I was seduced
into feeling I made a difference.  The shell poem I gave to an early (96) art
site was in fact one molecule in a tradition of exposure the bad old
multinational by that name 4suffered4. Even if I fancy to have packed it
chockablock with over- and undertones to paradise or rather vica versa, I
started from rumination about peter peter poems and pi ratio4s in nature. The
ultimate protections to imunize against falling into all multi-, mono- and/or
"cultinationalism" faults.   In short: Shell challenges nature, I pick up the
gauntlet,  get to choose weapons and let 4m rip! Shell feels tickled and
flattered (not at all challenged luckily) by my free PR and the reverse
osmotics of occupation, possesion and oppression leave me be the vanquishing
souffleur of Shell4s next stage in face saving car(d)go cover flag tricks.
Now here is another bunch of charlatans championing a chimera (merelveld myth)
and challenging sound money offers and creation (sorry about the delegation, I
should have gone further than just Slovenia, ironically I doused myself in the
sweltering summer heat with water scarce right then, from the well of village
abandoned since the Nazi genocide). So scope gate me! I confess! Dash me to
pieces on the bulwarks and battlements of the IMF, please, I4m done holding up
a front and want to stop tie and face straightening do good willies and other
do goody gentleman4s agreements, generosities and or deathlike pox of all

Such perpetraitors know well enough that at the tragic scales we presently pile
up, pilfer and or pale under the loftily ideal global moneying which can4t be
rushed nor forced, much less do without the scaffolding of broad base
peripherally petering, individual, regional, watershedual, racial and all other
stages in between. See my guest appearance intro if you would be pleased and or
willing to try understand. It already exists  as it always has anyway; I mean,
above all, observe and respect natural recipees of fertility and growth. I have
come to see manmade monies as merely delegative and surrogatory for the mimick
and modelling (dare I say masterminding?) of muddy minerals: go ahead, mull a

The social can4t get through the eye of most exceptional individuals let alone
the average one even if and/or exactly bycause, at any rate no matter how
democratically or even unanymously and consensually we/they are chosen. 

Large units and conglomorative body resolutions should include emphasis on
giving instructions instead of trying to extract promisis as prolegomena to
deeper ones from adn within more incisive stuff than that which gets you a
paper cut; that4s not to say loans shouldn4t be conditional and revocable. 

PS: Telepath provision can be (p)revolutionized with nonobtrusive inservings.
Load some cams and go to info war! Can4t we airdrop a bunch?? 

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