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<nettime> (en) Global- INFO:Free J18 video available

At last the June 18th video is out....18 minutes of sizzling video to
inspire you and your friends. Including a spoof Holywood block buster movie
trailer for June 18th,a comic but critical look at the IMF and world bank,
and  spoof adverts about the G8 and growth economics.

The video is available to activists free IF you are going to show it to
groups, at meetings etc - (If you can afford a donation towards the
production costs, we would be most grateful- cheques made payable to
Reclaim The Streets.)

All you have to do is send a stamped adressed jiffy bag with enough stamps
for a VHS video  ( in the UK its 83p - take a video down to your local post
office and weigh it) - and we will send it out to you. Unfortunately we
only have PAL available for free - if you want NTSC we can get them but it
costs us more. (If you want NTSC or Secam email us first and then send us
10 cheque made out to Reclaim the Streets and you will get them in a few
weeks time.)

Send orders to :Reclaim the Streets
                po box 9656
                London N4 5JY

This video is produced to inspire people to get involved in the
international  day of action, protest and carnival aimed at the heart of
the global economy, the banking and financial districts, on June the 18th.
Show it to your friends,  use it at public meetings,  project it onto
buildings,  air it on local TV,  put it on your web site, copy the spoof
trailer on to the beginning of hired video tapes  -  use it in whatever way
you wish and pass it on to others when you've finished !

VHS -  Total running time 18 minutes.
J18  Trailer - Spoof Hollywood trailer for June 18th - 1.45 min.
Produced by Reclaim the Streets. - tel: 0171 281 4621
Washes Whiter -  Resistance against the IMF and World Bank - 14 mins.
Produced by Undercurrents. - tel: 01865 203662
Bull in a China Shop -  Spoof advert about growth economics - 1min.
Produced by Adbusters Media Foundation.
G8 Ecoside - spoof advert about G8 summit - 1min.
Produced by Adbusters Media Foundation.


JUNE 18th International day of action, protest and carnival aimed at the
heart of the global economy.

Around the world, the movement grows -- from the forests of Chiapas to the
streets of London, from the grain farmers of India to the landless in
Brazil to the unemployed in France. Inspired by the Zapatista struggles in
Mexico and the Intercontinental Encuentros, and by the global actions
against the G8 (most powerful) nations and the World Trade Organisation in
1998,  activists from many countries are planning co-ordinated actions
around the world to oppose neoliberal capitalism.

On June the 18th this year the G8 nations will meet in Koln, Germany, to
further promote their vision of "free"trade,  economic growth and corporate
dominance.  Meanwhile across Europe, in Canada, Nigeria, Venezuela,
Argentina, Mexico, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brazil, Australia and
many more nations,  activists  will occupy and transform their local
financial districts (stock exchanges, banks, corporate HQs) .  Autonomously
organised events ranging from educational forums, pickets, protests,
discussions, blockades, hacking and street parties  will disrupt business
as usual and show the world that things could be very different..

for more info

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