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<nettime> [NYC] strategy meeting at Postmasters, Sun 18 April 6pm

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what: strategy meeting on NATO/Yugoslavia/Kosovo war
where: Postmasters Gallery, 45 W 19th St 
when: Sunday 18 April, 6pm

Postmasters Gallery in conjunction with various organizers and
activists is inviting people to discuss concrete and constructive
contributions that artists, activists, designers, programmers,
mediators, can make in the context of the current
NATO/Yugoslavia/Kosovo war.

The basic subject of this strategy meeting will be the roles that
various media are playing in this conflict; from there we will focus
discussion on strategies, tactics, ideas within that framework. In
particular, we hope to look at the Help B92 campaign as an example as
well as other efforts to assist journalists and other information
sources now in exile.

While debate is necessary, the aim is to achieve several basic
goals--for example, to organize a larger public meeting, to raise
funds, to develop a fast publication of relevant viewpoints and
information, and to support artists and journalists caught in--or
excluded from--the conflict.

Drazen Pantic, former member of Radio B92 and founder of B92's
"Opennet" internet provider, will give an introductory talk about the
main issues at hand. Representatives of The Thing, the Help B92
campaign, and Nettime will be present.

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