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<nettime> Anti-war campaign bulletin #1

Anti-war comittee is a tactical NGO aimed to prevent Russia's possible
involvement into the war in Balkans, since such possibility is not
excluded.  The main directions of its activitiy are actions and
information campaign.  The regular analitical press-releases which shed
light on economical/ ecological/political consequences of such involvement
are part of the committee's work.

April 16, 1999


"Undeclared war between NATO and Serbia is a threat to whole world,
nuclear plants in Eastern Europe aren't protected adequately", said
Moscow' Anti-war committee on Friday. Not only Zagreb' research nuclear
reactor can be affected by this armed conflict, but also both Bulgarian
Kozloduy (KNNP) and Hungarian Paks (PNNP) nuclear plants. 

KNPP located in just 200 km and Paks in less than 400 km away from
conflict zone.  Both nuclear plants operate VVER-440 Soviet-designed
reactors which can be compared to Chernobyl' level of safety. Both nuclear
plants are not protected against, for example, airstrike. Moreover, a
little mistake of soldier or pilot of military aircraft can bring the
world to another global nuclear disaster, even in case if Russia or NATO
will not use its nuclear weapon. 

Bulgaria gave its permission for using of own airfields for both Serbian
and NATO's planes. According to Mr. Kashiev, a chairman of Bulgarian
committee for peaceful use of atomic power, Gabrovnice airfield located in
50 km from Kozloduy nuclear plant.  This airfield was previously used only
for Russian aircrafts transporting nuclear fuel for the plant. 3th nuclear
reactor is currently under repair and its shield removed. Reactor is
absolutely unprotected. Large amount of the spent nuclear fuel' roads
stored right next to this reactor, it's also absolutely unprotected. 

In similar conditions Armenian nuclear plant was shut down during armed
conflict between Armenia and Azerbajan 10 years ago. 

According to the media reports in Bulgaria, Ministry of inner affairs
declared that foreign aircrafts did not use Bulgarian airfields so far.
But people from villages located close to Bulgarian-Yugoslavian border
says up to 30 aircrafts fly every night over their homes. Since the NATO's
bombing started in Serbia, at least 3 bombs were founded on Bulgarian
territory. According to official statements, it's always mistake of the
NATO' pilots. 

Bulgaria can not protect its nuclear plant. It has no funds to provide
adequate protection in form of 3 military aircrafts which requested by
safety rules for nuclear plants. Only one aircraft guard KNPP presently. 

"In order to prevent a global nuclear disaster the Balkan war should be
stopped immediately, Russia should not be involved into the war but it
must effectively stimulate peaceful negotiations," - says Vladimir
Slivyak, coordinator of the Anti-war committee in Moscow. "Otherwise
global nuclear disaster will happen to the world, even in case if no sides
of conflict will use nuclear weapon". 

More information in Moscow:
278-4642, 776-6546 - Vladimir Slivyak (, Alisa 
Nikoulina (aln@glasnet. ru), 137-7131 - Oleg Kireev (

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