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<nettime> Fwd: peaceniks this way, fighters that

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DATE: Tue, 13 Apr 1999 10:00:19
From: "piet bouter" <poetpiet@hotbot.com>
To: wam@mir.org

I wish we could chase all inclined to fight into the fray and entice 'm to go
with a load of their favorite hardware other than the just too toxically
hazardous kinds Chossodovsky says are in use already as they were in the Gulf
war. I guess too little time has elapsed for megalomonstrous bodies to exhaust
let alone much less change and/or remodel their inventory).

All would be well if we could and would sluice refugees to all parts of the
world (preferably islamic regions for the mostly islamic displaced peoples as I
understand they are).

I wish we could thus end up with a pile of corpses  soon ploughed under to
fertilize the fields and a heap of scrap metal to start making rock grinders.

In the most recent Groene Amsterdammer I read that instead of protecting
minorities and allowing them to carry on their own (however offensive in
surrounding majority eyes) ways, most conflict resolvage success rates benefit
more from the fit in or lose benefits, forfeit protection etc type strategies.
They call this a reversal of sorts.

The problem with such half way sound principle is that it requires a
counterpart for completion, namely, the get back to where a traditional
guarantee is given.  The parable of the prodigal son is all very well for some
but for people like say: James Joyce? Mavericks, originals, clowns, hybrids and
other absolutely unique characters thriving in the often dangerously anonymous
masses represent the more or less voluntary type 'misfits' who are best of and
blossom in a rainbow gathering type communal social safety net however chaotic
but we are talking refugees here!!!!  Islamic hinterlands are by nature more
(and more) barren owing to the frequently feudally proportioned gulf between
rich and poor, not to mention the patronizing, patriarchal, pastoral and  other
patrist "cracked-her-i-s-t-akes" and tactics standing in the way of marginals
fitting (back) into baring rather than bearing and 'aridding' rather than
bearable, lessening rather than listening lebensraum.

A leading Dutch daily recently spoke of 'reversals of sorts' also, to wit:
Nato's announcements of goals and aims are obscure but 'it' divulges all
methods clearly and in advance.

Perhaps it is a manifestation of the still all too dearly wanting psychological
insights concerning the "step at a time" approach.

And indeed, on nettime which I took a good look at for the first time today,
the suspicion crept up on me that a lot of impartial/amateur and other flavors
of do gooder commentator/instigator/referee types sling concepts which grow a
corresponding amount of guilt/fingerpointing more sweeping (and broodingly,
suffocatingly, oppressively, constrictingly conspirational and feverish) the
less these people work within their means and tackle the nearest fucking rubble
heap in their own neighbourhoods.

Not that I do not like to look at the matter in a broader perspective.  I think
gorbatsjov's comment in the NRC Dutch daily last week failed the first test for
a Russian perspective for never mentioning the chechnia and grozny situation.

And take it down the centuries from there.

Bottom line is:
the west shows that the leadership status is untouchably taboo.

They'd rather attack supporters from the lowest rung on up, the order following
soldiers, than offer them better and fairer terms after the manner indicated in

And just to show that this by hook or crook sacred cow can demand, justify and
direct the sacrifice, mobilization, form, function and whatever other way our
silly 'follow the leader' herd mentality support allows  it to mutate and
muster us into monstrous masses, we (the west) allows, nay, needs, nay, verily
creates the big bad booger man with clout enough to give cause for a grand hype
arms bazaar.

The bully boys throughout islamic and white western realms are hereby cordially
invited to travel to the front and do each other in till there are none left,
if they run out of arms before we reach that clean slate state (after which
attention must be payed bully babies are not left to flex their by nature pervy
will on inferiors such as women or contemporaries; they must receive the best
education and be shown how indispensible their inspirations can be for the
ankurbelung, aanzwengeling and whatever that translates to in english, of the
chain of beings in the simplest shapes of specky tickle <see my site>) they
will be supplied with handily sized rocks to heave after and into each other's
skulls to finish the job.

PS. I enjoyed talking to you at the Polish Ecotopia.
I had that painted sheet up in the tree remember?
come see my site

has a balkan section headed thus:
Two nono's
Too bad the navo hasn4t provided the following links their makers with money to
burn, fuel to spend and protection to operate let alone paid or pays them any

Gorbatchov is in the NRC on friday the 8th and doesn4t even mention Chechnia
when defending Primakov!!! Have we no sensible leaders left??? 

Proyect at pen-l (wellknown to pietpiet4s linklist lovers) has posted a
Chossudovsky piece (others coming up below) about the Gulf-war sicknesses
already Entering ex-Yugoslavia..... 

Here are my type of solutions:
If a quarter of the money spent so far would have been the price put on
Milosevic head and maybe another quarter on something more substantial than
aireally dropped flyers (anybody know the text of it by the way?) like a
powerful radiostation (surrounded by tanks if need be) we would have been
closer to doing the type of damage which really needs be done badly (albeit not
savagely): c(or)racktion of market share and privblic rating of the armament
industry!!!!!! Instead the musical rock grinding/wetting/spread-spraying can
and for the sake of the good aspects of civilization as we now know and as far
as we've managed to salvage it, take up that slack a bit (....a whole lot
even!!!)  easier than that the damage done now can be reversed.   
PS 2: you may forward this to nettime if you like. I don't know how to post
there unless this does the tricks.

ps3 what do you think of
Michel Chossudovsky
I sent him the following recently:
You are cordially invited to a site quite complementary to your expertise:
concise, clear and thorough analysis.

Like most people with such skill and an overly heavyhanded emphasis on reality,
you but all too rarely escape its taints for a stay with some saints....well I
got some waitin for ya at:

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