Francesca da Rimini on Wed, 14 Apr 1999 03:21:48 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> this trash life

suspended particles trembling in soft manga drift zones

creeping catastrophies of love and other ironic addictions

unpeeled beneath forever shiny sailor moons

tiny explosions, girl glory buds stripped bare, words squatting over silver

golden showers streaming endless rosebud assboys

slipping on banana peels

trade, all

bodies which lie apart in a night with no stars

what is left that glitters in this darkest of moments?

(A writes: an aching blasphemy that casts insults on both good and evil)

running on empty
a wilful flatlining 
fingerprinted by the little prince
in his sinking planet of holes
butterfly wings crushed
by a creature with no smell

*sucked in*
wrongtime wrongcity, babe
you mixed your maps 
forget bladerunning pasts
no global futures here

(C writes: it is a city of oscillations of desire)
(B writes: no places to hide and nothing real to seek)
(O writes: i wish to jump in doll space forever)


chemical pale sleep
dreamstained sheets
no centre, ragged edges
zeroing tolerance
gene raiding hyperdecay
fox bites tail
invisible artillery follows nurse with wound
endlessly uncoiling a spectacle of irretrievable situations

(A writes: that night was a night of intensities and i did not plan for it)

>gashgirl says: don't start what you won't finish
>orphanslut whispers: don't start what you can't begin
> snarls: don't start what ends only in the fullest of stops

(M writes: i miss u so much now that u are here)
(J writes: but - my darling! out there! remember, you can always come back)
(G writes: but can you come back to anywhere? when life only throws yus

searching for an ellipsis 
in this war of attrition

moans lead to a squander of unfriendly fire
intimate atrocities squirted viciously
at everything including the girl

generals suck each other's oily stripes
as snow caravans crawl the trail of tears

ring a ring a rosies
pocket full o stealfies
bend over banker
lights go off

all fall down

(O writes: we are staying in darkness and hardless)
(R writes: they promised us a flourishing landscape)
(P writes: wars are made by men who fuck their daughters)
(Y writes: reality strikes hard)

a scream, yes a scream

midnight blossoms burst through the trackmarks
connecting gritty cities like a dependable drug contact

(I writes: arriving here, i found again a past of mine i didn't know i had)
(E writes: special girl to have gone this far, cut it up, rearrange it by
(T writes: i miss you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

he didn't lie but 
he didn't tell the truth
apple not so rosy after all

tongue cut out
leaving only damp moss memories 
under luscious moon skies
pond of dead girls

and - the impossible 

(L writes: nothing less than everything)

a devastating glance
renders her invisible

(D writes: X's missin' out! - what a tripper...)

where are you?
where am i?

no reason to be anywhere

(S writes: know that i am alwaysdeepinyoualwaysalready)
(M writes: i'm here even if u do not see me)

he is her G8, her dumb genius
flight capital exponentially decreasing with each birthday

baby sweet ass
glory holed up in some all night convenience
taking it whichever way it comes
giving as good as he gets

again, and again
always again
never enough

(H writes: might just give up the boy but i am fond of him)
(K writes: i want this to take its slow-burning course til the flicker dies)

come, she said
come be my killer application
come be my next five minutes

let's make a pretty massacre together

the only good boy is twelve years old
(the only good boy is a dead boy)

come, she said
destroy, she said

intolerable signs
ruined, all ruined

can't believe
this trash life

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