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<nettime> Re: compliance

3- Rape young women to make them pregnant: their sons will have 50% of
> serbian gen = purification on 50 %
i can't understand what kind of sense these 'serbian gen' could have even
for the rapist. but what about this biological aim ? how it's to hot to said
that, cause of course 'child of the rape' could be only a male, it sounds as
a realized mengele fatwa : is it true at the end racisme and sexisme could
have no resolution ? cause of course they are all from same ethnic group,
except the religion, but of course enough for making 'serbian gen'. or is it
just my aim to prove in the mess it's easy to sow a bit more trouble ?
permit i do a bit :
i would like to speak about the soccer world cup wich was understanded in
France as a defeat of national front cause only a multiracial team had made
France win. But it's clear this war is an incredible revenge for showing to
all european that multicultured society don't work first, and second to
ridiculized the minus habens girly eurocrate to be suddenly war falcons
(specialy funny in green vs in US left handed khaki GI set), third to easily
anathemized america and last but not least to shake the hand to old tsarist
russia (as drunkard jirinovsky),  enough for easily basing a great political
program for making a real european front. This crenel is incredibly good,
cause deal of USA in mediterranean is winning in running till US could doing
the splits and in running with the hare and hunting with the hounds: for
instance in keeping saddam and of course soon slobodan, cause it's the way
of the objective interest of white man. But some radicals could want make
more, and in their own name : europa could be back.
if american could muzzle the muslims in helping them, cause of course they
aren't in the deal till, the fascists wants right now have them as partner
but negociate with muslim at home, after slobodan work : as all non european
and as so panarabian as they want at last, and of course with annulation of
israel state if good dealer of petrol, exit two of the motive of US
interventionism. If arabian make god wad between africa, russia against asia
and 'flood of asian' people, usan are quite good as funny isolationist
texans keeping their money at last for sending their imbecile rockets to
mars. Japanese for catching china in a pincer movement, then world could be
well done : slobodan is absolutely not a fool, nor a sectarian, just a white
man, the brother of all others white ones who eats pork, it's why he could
say to his brother pacifist solanas and his nato 'load of hypocrites my
crime is just to say our interest with to much sincerity'

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