Grethe H. L. Melby on Mon, 12 Apr 1999 08:05:55 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Peter Handke

Anyone knowing anything about writer Peter Handke? I heard he went to
Beograd, and is celebrated there, and recieving a lot of criticism in
Germany, Austria and France. Where is he now? Still in Beograd? I also
recived this public letter on another list. Anyone seen it before?

Grethe, Bergen, Norway

>The famous Austrian writer Peter Handke, who lives in France, sent to 
>the world public and media a letter: 
>The whole planet of Earth`s name is Yugoslavia. 
>"Thank you NATO. Thanks to a great small writers, from Garcia Marques 
>to Guenter Grass, from Kenzaburo Oe to subcommander Marcos, for things 
>they didn`t write.
>Great step for mankind! For all those on our planet who didn`t 
>transform into marssian and other green butchers, yet, their 
>homeland, beginning from march 24th 1999., is Serbia, Montenegro, 
>Republic of Srpska, Yugoslavia. 
>`The Mars attacks`, and with the beginning of marssian attacks, the whole 
>Earth`s name is Yugoslavia.` 
>`Mars attacks`, and during the marssian attacks Helsinki, Madrid, 
>Algerie, Dar es Salaam (the house of peace), Jerusalem, Jeriho, 
>Baghdad, even London, Paris, Berlin and Washington will be the part of 
>Handke dated as `from morning noise of air force airport Villacouble 
>near Paris`

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