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Open call for participation

We offer the walls of Postmasters to be an open forum for artists
to state their position, express opinions, feelings on the war in the Balkans.

You can send or bring in materials or use the  "War Bulletin Board" hosted
by THE THING at   Look for [war] under [threads].

Postings from the BBS will be printed and put on the walls of Postmasters from
April 27 - May 8, 1999

This is not benefit, no works will be for sale, however donations to the Red
Cross will be actively encouraged.

For further information please contact Postmasters Tuesday to Saturday
11 -6 (no callback messages, please)  or email:

Rules of engagement:

The "Bulletin Board" is open for all.
Authorship has to be clearly stated.
Each author is solely and fully responsible for the content of her/his
posting. The scale, medium, and focus of your response is not predetermined,
but should be considerate of other participants
Each Author retains ownership but the content, upon posting, becomes public
domain. Placement of large works need to be discussed .
Postings will be accommodated as long as there is available space.
You have to respect the postings of others


459 W 19th
New York, NY 10001
tel - 212-727-3323
fax - 212-229-2829
open - tues-sat 11-6

More info and updates under

We welcome volunteers to help to organize this event.

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