Bruce Sterling on Wed, 7 Apr 1999 10:30:28 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Army of Charities Prepares Ground Invasion

(((Bruce Sterling remarks:  Look at all those Yankee Christian NGOs winding
up the relief machinery to go out and succour those  Albanian Moslems.  What
a strange, polyvalent world we have in 1999.  Now that we in USA have
Milosevic as our turn-of-the-century premier villain, we may have a quiet,
collateral, diplomatic thaw with more traditional enemies -- for instance,
Iran.  Maybe even Cuba!)))


In response to numerous requests, we are repeating the list of agencies we
published in our special edition this weekend. All of the following agencies
are taking donations that will help them ease the suffering of refugees in
the Balkans: American Friends Service Committee,;
American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee,; American
Red Cross,; American Refugee Committee,
612-872-7060; Baptist World Aid,; CARE,; Catholic Relief Services,; Christian Children's Fund,; Church World Service,; Direct Relief International,; Doctors Of The World,; Doctors Without Borders,; Feed The Children, 800-328-2122; Food For The Hungry
International,; International Aid,; International Medical Corps,; International Orthodox Christian Charities,; International Rescue Committee,; Lutheran World Relief, 800-597-5972; MAP
International,; Mercy Corps International,; Oxfam America, 800-77-OXFAM; Presiding Bishop's
Fund for World Relief (Episcopal Church),; Salvation Army World Service Office,
703-684-5528; Save The Children,; U.J.A.
Federations of America, 212-566-8610; U.S. Association for the UN High
Commissioner For Refugees, 202-296-5191; U.S. Committee For Unicef,; War Child,; World
Concern,; World Food Program,; World Relief,; World Vision,

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