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<nettime> kosovo refugees

You will find hereafter a temognage from a refugee,
there is no comment to add about this !!!
Anyway I would be pleased to create an association in France to help
refugees against our government decision, I invite all the french people
of this list to contact me on my email to organize a meeting in Paris
and a  legal project to help these refugees by making our government to
change this decision ...

to get news in real audio about them go to the link:

Valery Grancher
Seit kokoli, our former correspondent in Pristina, reached Macedonia
today. He gives the latest account o Pristina and tells the story of his
people reaching the Macedonia border.

"Last time I reported from Prishtina. Today, I am repoerting form
Tetova. I was one of the tens thousands of albanians of Prishtina, who
were obliged to leave the city. It took us four days to reach the border
with Macedonia. The first two nights, my family and I were part of the
endless columns of vehicles that had left the city. On our way we were
joined by thousands of people in vehicles from 3 others towns: Prizren,
Rizaj and Gjilan.
During these first two days, two babies were born and one person died.
The first night found us stuck in total darkness, near the Mill of
mortar in Elezan. Around 10 pm, masked armed men, took all the males out
of the cars, and threatened them with their life for large summs of
money. During that night and the next one, most of people had to leave
their vehicles behind; meanwhile we were also getting news that no
vehicles was allowed to pass the border with macedonia. The armed masked
men stripped us with force even our last possessions and money. Our
children had to live and see those scary scenes togethjer with us. Then
we had to walk for hours and hours, my wife and our children, until we
reached another column of stopped cars in the highway, at the border.
Reaching the neutral zone, we felt more secure, yet our horor did not
end there.
Thousands of people were, and are still, waiting endlessly to pass the
border. Among others there a baby of 4 days, and many old people, all
under the open sky. It took two days for my family to get out of there.
I think there were around 50 000 people who were waiting to be helped
out. The humanitarians organisations are trying to relieve the crisis by
providing at least bread and water and milk for children. In many cases,
families are split, for women and children are getting out by leaving
behind their men. I left behind many families, many families who have
left their relatives in Kosovo, and no ones knows about them, many
hungry children and many sick old. Under these difficult circumstances,
the only hope is the hospitality of the albanians of Macedonia, who are
providing shelter in these hard days. Kosovo people will never forget
this .


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