Ivo Skoric on Mon, 5 Apr 1999 15:42:47 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Interpreting

Both NATO and Yugoslav Army strategies are clear now. Yugoslav Army 
behaves like a bully attacked by a gang - they picked up the smallest 
guy in the gang, Kosovo Albanians, and proceeded to kick the shit out 
of them oblivious to whatever the rest of the gang do to them. NATO 
proceeded with tedious task of destroying bridges, factories, 
airports, ministries, military headquarters, petroleum rafineries, 
etc. oblivious to the near complete failure to protect Kosovo 
Albanians from the ethnic cleansing. In essence both sides won their 
wars. With less Albanians on Kosovo, however, there is less 
possibility of civilian casualties for what NATO has in going next: 
Apache helicopters to destroy Yugoslav Army tanks and heavy artillery 
pieces (which will move less and less given the shortage of fuel...), 
and those new anti-personnel missiles that can be launched from 
Albania in an effort to clean the area of infantry (that may carry 
shoulder launched surface-to-air missiles). The demonstration on 
CNN of the explosion in 900 small pieces that cover large area was 
quite vivid and if any Serb soldier saw it, he might think twice if 
he would stand in the open on Kosovo. If this tactics succeeds, then, 
I guess, KLA may finish off the disarmed and disoriented remnants of 
Yugoslav Army in Kosovo, and Albanian refugees can be escorted back 
in by NATO troops (of course, Yugoslav Army may be expected to lay 
zillion landmines and booby-trap everything). Once this is done, 
there is still a task of removing Milosevic and establishing 
democracy in Serbia. And with that there is an absolute neccessity of 
some sort of a Marshall Plan for the entire territorry (Croatia, 
Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro) to breath the life 
back to by war devastated economies and to rebuild destroyed 


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