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<nettime> A Dollar's Eye View of Eastern Europe


What with one thing and another I've been looking again at the following
rather dreadful site which I worked on once:


which still contains some of the baldest IMF fighting talk I've ever
come across:

"Addressing the question of economic growth in the FSU thus requires
action to address these three basic problems: 

    - bringing to an end the old regime, which includes reducing
      government intervention in the economy, lessening economic 
      regulation and fostering market competition; 

    - consolidating the development of a stable, predictable and fair
      property rights system; 

    - reducing economic uncertainty by preserving price stability,
      accelerating structural reform and creating a basic institutional 
      framework which would make the move towards the market irreversible 
      and immune to the whims of political leaders. 

 The achievement of these three tasks would undoubtedly raise the levels
of investment and saving in the FSU, accelerate productivity growth,
foster the development of healthy financial markets, increase the flow of 
foreign direct investment and, most importantly, bring about a society in 
which individuals are free to choose."

(from the article by John Odling-Smee in the International Comment

It's all thoroughly nasty but does all seem to corroborate Redfern and
Beattie's Marxosyndicalist view of human history - "They did it for the
money" - yet again.

Enjoy (so to speak - a lot of it is pretty unreadable, but there's some
real gems to get paranoid about buried everywhere along the way),


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