Josselien Janssens on Mon, 5 Apr 1999 05:32:41 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> guess i'm not used to this machist talking [more]

woops - sent that one accidentally before finishing my sentence. 

...certianly in favour of some kind of interference to stop it. If the
Allies hadn't interfered, the genocide of WWII wouldn't have stopped -
even if stopping the genocide wasn't actually the foremost motive for
the Allies back then.

I think the most important question is: how can we help people on the
ground in the region to end the conflict in their lands, in their lives
themselves? Is there anything we can organise on short notice for the
refugees that are now amassed at the borders, in the mud? They must be
enabled to return to their homes and rebuild their lives and their
economy. That is the only long term solution and therefore that is the
most important goal to work to.

And another question: how "bad" is it to be here, working and studying
at the same time, trying to stay alive in cozy Amsterdam which is
sometimes hard enough as it is? Therefore hardly having the time to read
all this news and email about yet another senseless goddam war? Should
we feel guilty, Grethe, because we all need to live, we all need to
breathe, we all need to eat? I don't think so. 

No aggressor or arms dealer ever is going to change the fact that we all
need to go on making a living in some way. I hate the invisible people
who make money off the fact that wars are going on. I believe they will
at some point become the victims of their own orchestrations. 

I feel for all the poor people who are a victim of this conflict and I
hope there is something, even little, I might do to help them. I don't
particularly care for Nato, until the day of course that I become a
victim of some real totalitarian conflict and they come to interfere. I
sincerely hope for them and their families sakes that 'our boys' will
come back in one piece. 

Nor do I care for Milosevic or the Serbian army, I hope they will
somehow get over this need to fight they seem to have. Anyone who picks
up arms gets arms back eventually. That should be pretty damn obvious to
the human race by now, one would think... huh? think?

Happy Easter, Peace on Earth
God bless y'all...

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