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<nettime> Global Anti-NATO Alliance?

Time for a Global Anti-NATO Alliance? 

How can we form an Global Anti-NATO Alliance (GANA)? 

I think members of the alliance would first fall in to two categories.
People living within NATO countries who are against NATO and people in
non-NATO countries who are against NATO.

Obviously people in the NATO countries who would be in the GANA would be
people in Non-Government Organizations and members of civil society. While
people in non-NATO countries would also be in NGOs, but also would be
members of governments.

For example, India, supposedly, has invited China and Russia to form a
closer axis or alliance since NATO started to bomb Yugoslavia. Those of
us in western Europe and the United States, who oppose NATO, ought to
figure out some way in which we can establish diplomatic relations with
the governments of Russia, China, and India, and collectively put forth a
call for a Global Anti-NATO Alliance.

I recognize there are problems with this. And I feel odd about suggesting
an alliance with the Chinese government - no friend of freedom - but it
seems that on this particular point of opposing NATO, we could work

Perhaps a first step is for NGOs and others within NATO countries to join
forces, to hammer out a basic set of agreements and principles. There are
numerous international NGOS with strong bases of support already within
the NATO countries that can be a foundation for this.

A joint platform spelling out a solid and articulate anti-NATO position
could be the basis for calling an international congress. Perhaps it could
take place in New York and all the non-NATO countries that are part of the
UN Security Council as well as all the other non-NATO countries there
could form a core and provide resources to make this congress happen.

For NGOs and others living in NATO countries to establish diplomatic
relations as part of a global anti-NATO alliance with governments of
non-NATO countries would send a powerful message to both NATO governments
and the rest of the world.

I am extremely embarrassed and ashamed of being a citizen of the United
States today and I would like to find ways to show the world that there
are many Americans who are against the Pentagon, who are against the
Clinton administration, and who want to have some say in the shape and
direction of foreign policy.

Hell, maybe we can get the Indian, Chinese, and Russian governments to
collectively contribute funds so that we can set up an office somewhere
here in the belly of the beast to organize full time against NATO, and
western military expansionism. 

Not that this is likely to happen. But if it did, it would be an important
symbolic gesture that would clearly get international news coverage.

"Russia, India, and China support anti-NATO resisters in the West."

But on a serious note, I think some sort of global alliance like this
needs to take form.

Like I said the first step is for some cohesion among Canadian, U.S. and
European Anti-NATO forces. There is already somewhat of an infrastructure
among the various people in different U.S. cities who are demonstrating
against the US/NATO bombings.

The second step is for there to be relations formed between the non-NATO
countries and people in the resistance with NATO countries.

Well, these are my thoughts on this rainy Austin, Texas day as I hear of
yet another bridge downed over the Danube.

- Stefan Wray

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