insomnia on Sat, 3 Apr 1999 23:13:19 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> saturday, april 3rd

i'm completely speechless - nato bombarded the  very heart of belgrade
last night, destroyed the building of the ministry of internal affairs,
highly endangering the neighboring maternity ward, in which there were
seventy new born babies. if any of you would approve of this, i am ready
to end my diary, to fall silent, because if anybody approves of this, my
voice is worth nothing. can you name a military target a building where
IDs and passports are issued?! can you be calm about the fact that this
attack was also suicidal, since american embassy is on the same street
which was bombed? 
belgrade people were standing on the bridge over the river sava this
night, protecting it as human shields. what else is to be done? this is
the aggression by the outer force, this is not a civil war in which
people take sides. this is the unique case of remote killing.bear this
in mind.
if happy easter means rejoicing over destruction and killing, let it be
happy for all those who agreed with this monstrous nato operation.

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